Sunday, March 13, 2011

On The Road Again

We're off and headed to Las Vegas for our anniversary.

Eldest has reluctantly signed on to dogsit (and be sister-taxi).  We bought them enough food and alcohol to feed a small army. The usual rules apply - the house better be in the same condition we left it in or reduced to literal rubble. No half-assed measures.

We just had dinner in Fort Stockton at John Chihuahuas. Service was really awful and the food (Tex-Mex) was just ok. Don't bother stopping there if you're ever in the ass end of Texas.

We left town about 1:30. We still have another 3 hours before we're out of Texas. Then it's a mad dash across New Mexico, way too long in Arizona (which we've been warned is one giant speed trap) and a hop, skip and a jump to Vegas. We expect to get there about 1:15 PM, local time. Yes, we're driving straight through.

It'll be fine. I know where all the 24 hour Shell stations are on our route.

See you in Vegas!

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Aliceson said...

Wow, that's a long ride but Vegas sounds super fun!

Happy anniversary!