Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Dream of Future Past

I awaken to the scent
of moisture.
When I look about me
I see tree trunks shooting upward
towards a green, living canopy above.
Filtered from above,
the light feels soft and pleasant.
Sounds reach me from all levels
of the forest.
Bird song provides the melody;
the buzz of many insects
the bass undertone;
and the shrieks and calls
of the colonies of monkeys
hidden in the treetops
provide the counterpoint
in the living song surrounding me.
Besides the myriad shades of green,
I see wild, vibrant colors
decorating the trees.
All around I sense
the hum of life.
Life as it has been,
unchanged for millions of years,
delicately balanced
and glorious in its diversity.

Carried by the wind,
a new scent arrives,
the smell of death for the forest--
Sounds approaching
invoke the feeling of invaders
from another time.
Loud crashes,
steady thumps,
but instead of a marching horde of
the giant dinosaurs they sound like,
the lumbering machines of man appear.
The song of the forest has changed.
The simple joy of living
fades into the panicked screams of fear
that mute the sound of man
to an ominous rhythmic undertone.
I close my eyes against the sight
and when all falls silent
I look around me
and see the desert that I call home.
A dry and gritty wind
wipes away the last scent of forest
from my aching nostrils
as the brutal, unrelenting sun
bakes my skin
with its harsh reality.
My eyes cannot even cry
for what is lost;
my body has forgotten how.

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Chris said...

That was incredible...loved it!