Friday, March 4, 2011

The Miracle Known as the Thundershirt®

If you've never heard of the Thundershirt® and have a "high maintenance" dog, you must go look at the videos.

Myrddin, our nutcase, barks at all sorts of things - people he knows, dogs barking on the tv, birds, motorcycles, the list goes on and on. He also gets very excited around lights - flashlights, camera flashes, etc. And he hates thunder and fireworks. He also has some separation anxiety.

He's a basket case.

I saw this item and watched the videos and thought, damn it SO worth $40 to try.

Myrddin's arrived yesterday. He's wearing it right now. He's much calmer. He didn't bark at Hubs and Eldest when they got home from dinner. He whined a bit when I was watching the barking dogs on the video but when I muted it and shushed him, he actually stopped. He didn't start orbiting the house looking for the other dog. Big improvement. HUGE.

We're still early in the process, but I have high hopes. He doesn't seem to mind it and he is much calmer.

The real test will be the next time is thunders.

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Nance said...

I'll be waiting for your ultimate review. I want TWO, for the neighbor's manic shih tzus.