Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RTT - politics, puppies, and pinheads

Hey there! It's Tuesday so it's time for Random Tuesday Thoughts with Keely! Why don't you join in, too?
Apparently birther nut Orly Taitz has a chance to win the Republican nomination for California Secretary of State. Democrats around the country are falling out of their chairs laughing. Republicans in California are shocked and amazed that someone so loony could stand a chance at winning. I kind of hope she manages to pull it off. She doesn't stand much of chance in November but it would be a certain kind of sweet justice to see the Republican's catering to the right-wing fringe come back to bite them loudly and vociferously in the ass.

A regular asked me today how my pups were doing. Well, Aibhne is officially fat. The vet said she needs to lose 8 pounds. So we've bought "diet dog food" and are attempting to whittle away at her not insignificant middle. Problem is that Myrddin absolutely doesn't need to be on diet anything. So he's got some special "active dog" chow. So where's the problem? Well, Aibhne is a hog. She will literally eat anything. Plus, she doesn't much care for the diet food. So, she tries to push Myrddin out of the way to steal his tastier chow. Since he's a wimp, he lets her. The last thing she needs is food designed for a high energy dog.

So we've had politics and puppies, now for the pinheads. Grr. So many to chose from. Mostly the biggest pinhead on my list today is a coworker who shall remain nameless. This person is our database administrator and IT head. He likes to import lists of contacts into our database without making sure we don't already have any of said contacts, thus creating massive numbers of duplication.

Guess who gets to clean it up?

Combining pinheads and politics we get the current media meme that President Obama needs to show more emotion, especially in reference to the BP oil spill.  What the hell? What do you pinheads want him to do and how do you really think that's going to help? Can the media focus on, I don't know, NEWS for a change? Once upon a time, we wanted our President to be calm and focused. Someone who could inspire confidence. Now we want someone who's going to scream and shout. What's next? We won't be happy until the President pounds the desk with his shoe a la Nikita Krushchev?

The whole damn lot is a bunch of pinheads. Makes me ashamed to have a Journalism degree.

Let's end this week's RTT with some warm and fuzzy pictures. Lord knows, I need the comic relief.


Aliceson said...

Thanks for the puppy update! Love the photos of those goofy dogs!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Politics, puppies, and pinheads... love it.