Sunday, June 13, 2010

Karate Kid - Jackie Chan style

If you haven't seen this already, what the heck are you waiting for?  At least this time the lead character is like, actually 12, instead of 20-something like Ralph Machhio.

And may I just say, no 12-year-old should be that ripped. Scrawny, but ripped. I mean Jaden Smith has definition that just shouldn't be there in someone who probably weighs 90 pounds soaking wet.

Plus, no offense to Pat Morita, but Jackie Chan is way more convincing as a teacher of Kung Fu. As an added bonus, you get to watch Jackie take down 5 toughs without barely touching them. Instead he manages to get them to hit each other.

I admit, I am a Jackie Chan fan. The man is amazing to watch and funny to boot. This film is no exception. Though there are a few scenes were he really gets to stretch a bit as an actor and he does a great job.

Jaden Smith has a future. It's obvious that he's Will Smith's kid. Looks like him, moves like him, even sounds a bit like him. Any 12-year-old who has the dedication to learn what he did to make this film has the dedication to go the distance. That last signature move was so much better in this version. Just like the original, Jaden's character gets purposely injured and fights anyway. His move at the end balancing on one leg is much more realistic and just all around more impressive than Macchio's crane impression. Plus, there is no mistaking that Jaden actually did the stunt. Practically speaking, how many scrawny yet ripped black 12-year-olds are there in China? Kinda has to be him.

Anyway, this is why I am technically posting a day late. It's the movie's fault. Since it is still Saturday in some part of the US, just not mine, I'm counting it.

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