Friday, June 11, 2010

Myrddin and the Mystery Bug

So our middle child is sick. $91 and 3 prescriptions later we don't know what is wrong only that he is one sick puppy. He's running a fever, lost weight, acts lethargic and like he just plain doesn't feel good.

We get to feed him drugs and watch for any change, good or bad. It's going to be a fun weekend. When we got back from the grocery store just now, we discovered that he had thrown up what little we managed to get him to eat, which is a new symptom.  Not sure if I should call the vet or just let the drugs do there job. I'm going with the latter unless he starts horking up his water.

We knew he was truly sick when he was acting like a well behaved dog. You know, no barking, no pulling at the leash, no going nuts when a motorcycle drives by four blocks over. Just laying around looking miserable.

Poor baby. Plus, the hog won't stop trying to eat his food.

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Aliceson said...

Poor Myrddin! Hopefully those meds will start working soon. Having a sick dog in the house is tough because they can't tell you what's wrong... Wishing him a speedy recovery!