Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Follow the Leader

I have lots of blogs in my reader. Lots. I don't get to each of them on a regular basis. The ones that post multiple times a day, like Daily Kos and Joe.My.God,  take up a lot of space but I try to get to the smaller blogs regular like. I at least peruse the snippets in the reader. Mostly.

But today I was looking for something different. Something that wasn't more speculation and gloating about General McChrystal or the latest depressing news out of the Gulf about BP's runaway disaster or some wacky Republican antics.

So I went to Fragrant Liar, cause her headline, WTH?, caught my eye. Using her blog as a starting point I went on a link journey to see what I could see. Found a few new additions for my reader along the way.

First stop was 15 Minute Lunch and his take on what constitutes a switchblade, robins nesting on his porch and a chipmunk with balls like a fruit bat.  Trust me. You'll love it.

From there I went to Shine Out Loud and a post title after my own heart - Politicians, Happy Meals, and Prostitutes.  Another gem for the reader and a potential meme for Friday's to boot. Happy days.

From Shine I went next to He's having a bad day so scroll down. When I got to this picture, I knew I had found another kindred spirit.
Added bonus. His parents gave it to him. After Phronk I traveled next to Dr. Zombie's Midnight Theater of Terror. Just the place for all your Zombie needs. He does seem to have a serious infatuation with Winona Ryder but I can't hold it against him since I hit the jackpot with one of his links. It's not a blog, but boy was it worth the trip.

Night Zero is a photo-realistic web comic, or photocomic,  about life after the zombie apocalypse.  Dude.  Made my day.

Once upon a time before my reader was stuffed to the gills, this was how I found new blogs. By playing follow the link. It's also why I keep so many posted on my blog. Never let it be said that you can't find something to read after stopping by here.  So try out a blog you've never been to before and see where it leads. You never know what you're going to find.


Aliceson said...

I LOVE wandering through Blogland! I've found some of the best reads that way, including yours!

Chris said...

A lot of fun....I've found some great ones by doing that! Haven't been a good blogger lately, or a good reader....FB takes up a lot of time!!!

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