Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weird Wednesday

I'm back! Sorry I missed last week. I just ran out of Wednesday. Not a good excuse, but the best I have.

We begin, as always, with a funky story from Weird Asia news. What can I say? It's first on my list. In Japan, the economy is tough. Nothing new or weird there. But some are looking to a rather odd way of raising money. They're recycling bras. Yes, that's right. Bras. Apparently they can be made into solid fuel? Who knew.

Next we travel to South Korea where an elephant in a zoo took a disliking to a patron and beaned her on the head with a rock. She called the authorities and they reviewed the CCTV, which, surprisingly enough, didn't show a clear view of the enclosure. Perhaps because zoo security is slightly more concerned about what the people do and not the critters. Their short-sightedness into the sub-culture of elephant gangs and their initiation rituals has cost this woman a lump on the head. For shame.

Over to Taiwan to my worst nightmare come true. Hello Kitty has taken over the maternity ward at Yualin hospital. The staff wear Hello kitty themed scrubs, the decor is Hello Kitty, the blankets and who knows what else is Hello Kitty themed. It's enough cute to make a person puke. Don't believe me?

We travel south for a story about a dog, a man and car left running whilst the man nipped into the liquor store for a sixer. Wilco, the dog, decided to take the car for a spin. He jumped on the gear shift and into the drivers seat and coasted into a nearby cafe. It was a short trip. Both dog and owner were given a warning. The police said the owner and dog alike had their tails between their legs.

Back home we have two stories about robberies, but with very different outcomes. The first one just kinda makes you scratch your head in disbelief at not just the robbers but the victims, too. Two 44-year-olds in Wichita, KS wanted a moment alone. So they crawled into a dumpster for their tryst. Weird enough. But while they were disheveled they were robbed at pocket knife point but two senior citizens. It's pretty bad when the highlight of your day is a trash bin quickie but then to get robbed by two elderly would-be gangstas is just too much. I'd take it as a sign that the relationship was doomed.

Note to self: Must sharpen the sword that's stuffed into my bedroom closet. it might come in handy like one did for this fellow. A Johns Hopkins students thwarted a robber in his garage by attacking him with a sword. He nearly severed the intruders hand causing him to bleed out before EMTs could arrive. Never underestimate a geek.

And last is a story that can only happen in America. Apparently, domestic abuse is considered by some insurance companies as a preexisting condition. Go read the article linked from Huff Post. It's hard to fathom that an insurance company would do something as despicable as this to someone who has already been a victim once, but I shouldn't really be surprised. It's all about the money.

That's it for this week.
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