Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And the reign of destruction continues

We came home this evening to discover that the dog (hard call anything that weighs 55 pounds a puppy) has gotten into something else she wasn't supposed to.

Youngest bought a tie dye kit yesterday. Made the mistake of leaving it on the couch. We came home to discover Aibhne had gotten into it.

She. Opened. The. Box.

As in tore off the little tab thingie, opened the lid and pulled out the four squeeze bottles, the CD, the instructions and the bag of soda ash. Apparently the bad of soda ash was tasty. Or smelled good. It was torn open in two places and about a quarter of it dumped on the carpet behind the couch.

Plus she pooped.


Is it too late for puppy reform school? I'd call the Dog Whisperer or some such guru but they'd probably run screaming from the scene.

I'm about ready to declare open season on all Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback/whatever mixes. (She's so short. There has to be something else in there. )


Sidhe said...

Ah, puppies! When our great dane was a "dog-puppy" she found a plastic container of wall paint (I had saved the remainder for touch ups) and tore it open all over the couch. I remember coming home that day and seeing her through the back window with olive covered paint all over her rear I was expecting a mess, just a different kind of mess.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Do you not believe in crating a puppy or did it not work for you?
I am a huge believer in crating a puppy until they stop doing stupid things like that. Lola is now 17 months old and she loves her crate. We are lucky, because DSD has been @ home with her for the past year, so she isn't crated all day. It keeps her from destroying our stuff & it keeps her from hurting herself.

True Blue Texan said...

@LLL- I have no experience with crate training. Plus, with two other dogs who haven't been crate trained and don't have the issues the pup has, I don't know how well it would work. She'd have to be in the crate for hours since we work too far away (almost an hour round trip) to come home at lunch. I can't imagine leaving her in her crate for 8-10 hours. That seems cruel to me and is the main reason I deemed it unfeasible to begin with.