Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RTT-And now for something completely different

It's Tuesday! Grab the picture, copy the link and enter in the madness over at the Unmom. You'll be glad you did.

So, lots of random stuff going on but first I want to apologize for not posting Weird Wednesday last week. No excuses. Just ran outta Wednesday.

I checked my Feedjit map this weekend and discovered something interesting. My post of November 12, 2008 entitled "I Hate Chihuahuas" is still getting hits. Still. Apparently, I am not the only one to feel a little animosity towards the little critters. This amazes me. And makes me giggle.

I've started testing the limits of my insurance company by undergoing tests to determine what the heck is going on with my boobalage and breathing. Chest X-ray was fine. Blood work was normal. I had a Pulmonary Function test and a Electrocardiogram Friday. Won't know until the end of the week what those results will be. Me? I still think it's lymphedema. Especially since I'd lost 4.9 pounds according to the Wii after a week of less than stellar eating, alcohol imbibing this weekend and no exercise. What I did do was start wearing a body-shaper and added extra manual lymph drainage massage to the affected areas. So. That's really all I need to know.

Patrick Swayze died yesterday. Sad news. He fought a good long fight against a type of cancer that doesn't leave survivors. God speed to his family.

Don't you just hate people who act like the things you're asking them to do at work or whatever are completely new ideas that have no merit and are certainly things they've never heard discussed? I get to edit our company reports for formatting errors, make sure they're following the style guide and templates. So I come across this one report and the author has broken some basic rules. Actually, quite a few. Over and over. I wrote a long, detailed explanation of where he went wrong and got an email back that said "all these rules would have been nice to know ahead of time. Are these actually written down somewhere?"

Um, yeah. I sent out an email last month with the updated table templates, a sample report that highlighted common errors (like the ones he had) and the style guide was taken almost in its entirety from a version that was already on the company server. Whee!!

Dude, and just what was up with Kanye West? I didn't see the awards show, but I have heard that now infamous little clip played over and over again on our local country radio station morning show. Generally to hilarious effect. Apparently Mr West, Joe "You lie" Wilson and Serena Williams have clued the MSM to the fact that we've become increasingly rude as a nation.


It took you this long? Where were you for the crap fest that is Rush, Coulter, and Hannity, to name just a few. Or how about the crappy behavior at town hall meetings this summer? Maybe that should have gotten you all riled up? Hmm?

Now, we get pundits across the board decrying the lack of civility and poor behavior in these folks. Did they put their collective feet in their collective mouths? Yes. Yes, they did. Are they the first?

Uh, fuck no.

The more important question is will they be the last? The sad answer to that is: probably not.
Well, that's about all the randomness I can muster. Later.

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