Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

Some weeks it's hardly worth looking for weirdness, other weeks it's hard to pick from the plethora of stories. Guess which one this is.

We begin with an odd case of littering. Douglas Jones tossed 3,000 golf balls from his car into Joshua Tree National Monument. He claimed they were a tribute to honor deceased golfers. Oh, and to leave "his mark". His "mark" also consisted of tennis balls, park literature and fruits and vegetables left along the roadside. The food was apparently for stranded hikers. Though if they'd made to the road, surely they weren't stranded anymore. The clean-up cost the park $9,000.

Police in Mississippi used a taser to subdue a "suspect" Said suspect was an emu. What? Not funny enough?

Ever wonder what happens to those DVDs you send back to Blockbuster or Netflix? Well, if you're Springfield postal worker Myles Weathers, they go in your backpack.  The first time I had one go missing and couldn't remember if I'd sent it in or not I wondered about this. How easy would it be for someone to lift it out of my mailbox? Maybe easier than I thought. Weathers faces prison time and restitution of $38,000. That's a lot of late fees.

And on the home front, we're looking for the 16GB microSD card out Youngest's dead cell phone. It was taken out when the phone was disassembled in an attempt to dry it out after it took a swim in the toilet. Recovery efforts failed and now the SD card is AWOL.

I think the puppy ate it.

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Aliceson said...

The golf ball guy- what a nutjob! Yeah even if I were a stranded hiker, I would probably think twice before eating some bruised fruit I found in a ditch.

My brother's cell goes for a swim on a regular basis, and he uses a jar filled with rice to draw the water out. Says it works like a charm.