Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RTT- I'm back, sorta

Hey, it's Tuesday, so go visit the Unmom for more randomness. Really. Go visit Keely. If you want to hang around here, be prepared for some egregious and most likely awkward randomness. It's probably the best I can come up with.

Someone of the canine persuasion in our household has developed an on-again/ off-again case of the squats. (I did try to warn you.)  Fairly certain it's not the puppy who seems to have an iron constitution. Could be Rowan. His farts can clear the room when he gets ahold of anything that doesn't come out of the Purina bag. Myrddin could be the culprit as well. Can't really say for sure which one. But it sure makes for some unpleasant homecomings.

Youngest bought herself her first car. I think I may have already made this announcement. But I can add this tidbit. She's already spent more than she paid for the car just to get the brakes fixed. Now for the tires and the bumper and the AC. You get the picture.  POS is too nice a term. It's a junker. Not even suitable for the demolition derby.

The girl cat that was really a boy cat is now officially an it. Eldest reports he has a penchant for climbing drapes. And crawling into the refrigerator. Water does not deter him. Harsh words and swats on the behind do not deter him. Eldest is going to try a shake can and see if she can put the fear of God into him. Whee. Glad it's her and not me. His new name is Mishka, by the way.

Myrddin has discovered that he can jump the fence. He only does it in the morning when he's out with just Aibhne. (Rowan has decided he's allergic to mornings and refuses to go out with them. Smart dog.) Whether he is jumping the fence to get away from the pup or chasing a bird or squirrel is yet to be determined. What we do know is that he kinda flips out when he does it and comes to the front door, scratching and whining to be let back inside. And that he doesn't do it when Rowan is out with them. As in, they were outside most of the day on Saturday and he stayed put.  Unless of course, he jumped back. Oi.

Labor Day weekend was it's usual long and drawn out affair. We usually head over to a friend's house who hosts an annual game weekend. Played lots of board games and card games and stayed up way too late. It's supposed to be relaxing and refreshing and not exhausting. Late nights are not on the menu for me though I can't seem to get that across to my husband or kids.

I want to thank those of you who commented on my last post. I'm trying to take this latest hiccup in stride. I have an appointment for a physical in October but will call and try to get in this week to discuss the changes in my condition and start the process towards getting an actual diagnosis. I'm feeling better since I purchased something to provide a little compression in the torso.

Not much randomness in me this week. This will have to do. See ya'll tomorrow for Weird Wednesday.


Keely said...

Dog farts and POS cars. Those are what memories are made of.

Or is that snips and snails? I get those confused.

Aliceson said...

Too funny about your cat. When a calf is born at the farm I always have to look twice to make sure.

Glad to hear that you're getting some relief with the new garments. Here's hoping that you get some answers next month and that your insurance covers your treatment. These days that's half the battle, although I shouldn't complain our health insurance has been pretty decent so far mostly because we HAVE insurance.