Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aibhne should've been named Linnea

As in Linnea- Destroyer of Worlds.

She's been on a rampage lately. Youngest's classes are all late this semester and we do good to get home by 6:30 most days and even later on Tuesday and Thursday. Little miss just can't wait that long. She gets bored. And hungry. Bad combinations for a Lab.

Monday we came home to this:

That is her water dish and Myrddin's food bowl way in the back. There are three plastic tupperware-like containers. Two are only slightly squished. One is torn in half. It is, of course, the new one. There is also a ceramic bowl in two pieces and the lion's share of that mess came from a bag of plastic drink cups- bathroom dispenser sized. The bag was on the kitchen table. She retrieved the bag and shook it like a rat, scattering the cups to the four winds.
Oh, and she pooped.
The next day, we came home to this:

That is what is left of 5 rolls of toilet paper. Someone forgot to close the bathroom door and she dug out the paper from it's original container. You know, one of those jumbo multi-packs of Charmin. She pulled out an entire 4-pack, tore it open and made confetti. And then added another roll for good measure. 

This morning, we woke to this:

Scattered around her feet is the detritus of a sonic burger and tots meals that we forgot to throw away. After scrounging through the foil and tearing up the paper tots carton, she decided to see if anything was left in the bag. And promptly got it stuck on her head. We were awakened by a thumping noise. It was Aibhne bumping into things. My husband got me out of bed to laugh at her and take this picture before he saved her from herself.

This evening, she got into a box of canned goods we keep meaning to take to the food pantry. (She'd already pulled out the case of ramen from that box last month. She ate two packs but left the rest for us.) We found a can of soup and a bag of old eyeglasses scattered in the living room. In much the same place as everything else has been scattered.  Maybe if we weren't so careless about leaving things out, she'd do better.

Somehow I think she'd just get more creative in her scrounging.

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Anonymous said...

My brother's not-so-young puppy, Opie, ate a whole pan of brownies that were cooling on the kitchen counter. Gives new meaning to the term "Chocolate Lab"...!