Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weird Wednesday

So, it's Wednesday again. Time for a stroll into those dark corners where the strange folks live and, luckily for us, breed.

We start with a sign of the times. The Colombus, OH offices of JP Morgan Chase were evacuated after an employee reported a suspicious device. Seems like they may be a mite nervous after listening to people complain about the bail out. The police are called and they do their due diligence. What do they discover? A timing device to keep presentations short. You know the kind that flashes a warning light at you when you have diarrehea of the mouth? It looked suspicious all right- flashing lights, a timer and wires. Whee!

From there we move on to our obligatory item from Weird Asia News. A trucker in China was pulled over when police spotted water draining from the cab. They discovered the driver in a jury-rigged shower. When you read the description you are left wondering how the driver could see the road. He had a shower curtain hanging from a bicycle tire above his head and his wife was holding up a tarp to protect the instrumentation. He was, as you might suspect, given a ticket.

You were always told in school that spelling counts. Well, it does outside the classroom as well. A Swedish couple left their hotel in Venice and set out for the island of Capri. Except that when they entered the name into the rental car's GPS, they spelled it Carpi. And ended up 400 miles away. They asked for directions to the Blue Grotto in the town square and were amazed they were in the wrong place. The mayor was amazed they hadn't realized they had failed to cross any water to reach an island.

Some people are the life of the party. A 28-year-old Georgia woman is the life of the neighborhood after "running a strip club" out of her home. Here's the best part. She "faces a misdemeanor charge of maintaining a disorderly house and remains free on $1,300 bond." Friends say it was just a party that got a little loud. I say it was a fun time for all.

Our last two are animal tales. First is a British pup that managed to swallow 9 golf balls. His owners noticed something was amiss when he was walking funny. I suppose a tummy full of golf balls might make one waddle a bit. The dog is expected to recover fully after surgery. I thought my dog was weird when he swallowed a pecan whole. But this is defintely much, much worse.

As always, I saved the best for last.

What is that odd looking plastic doggie? Well, it's a doggie sex-toy. Yes, you read that right. It a toy. For dogs. To hump. I love the photo where the one guy has to show the other guy where parts are supposed to go. I like her expression:

It's called the DoggieLoveToy And it's still a prototype. Wonder what the product testing sessions are like?. Now that that image is burned into your mind, my work is done. Have a good week!

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Sidhe said...

Hmm, the doggy sex toy is a little bit...ahem, sick! Can't fido just have a stuffed bunny or something?

I worked at a CVS drugstore when I left college and my name tag was supposed to have my name on it, Carri, but the second R looked like a P and people always told me that Capri was such a beautiful name to which I'd respond, "it's Carpi." Doesn't sound quite as elegant, does it?