Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weird Wednesday

Ok, it was pretty slim pickings today. So much so that I almost didn't post but after some digging I managed to come up with a few gems plus one that made me laugh out loud.

We begin in Thailand where Mocha, an Asian elephant, got fitted for a prosthetic leg. She lost her right front leg several years ago after stepping on a land mine. The leg is made of canvas and filled with sawdust. Vets actually believe they'll be able to release her back into the wild soon. Cool.

Following up with another animal story, a couple in New York has started an all-animal airline. Called Pet Airways, the airline has pet carriers instead of seats and will fly your pet between New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles for $250. Pets have flight attendants who check on them every 15 minutes and walk them at stops. They're already booked solid for the next two months.

Next we have a 19-year-old from Illinois who had too much to drink at a concert. Travis Peterson decided he couldn't drive home and went to sleep in his car. Sounds good so far. But then he was awakened by a state trooper who told him he had to leave. Once he exited the parking lot he was arrested for DUI. A Wisconsin appeals court (the concert was in Milwaukee) commended Peterson for doing the right thing and said the lower court was wrong for not allowing him to argue entrapment. So, we have a kid trying to sleep of his alcohol intake who gets woken up and told to leave so the police can arrest him. Sounds like entrapment to me. Course the weird part here is the headline: "Wisconsin court praises drunken concert goer". I told you the pickings were slim.

This one is better and worthy of a giggle. Authorities in Bay Minette, Alabama arrested a 22-year-old for trying to rob a gas station with a toy gun after the attendant foiled the robbery with a...wait for bat. In Alabama. The best part about the story are actually the comments. I reprint them here for your enjoyment:

Commentor 1: Who plays cricket in Alabama?

Commentor 2: Cricket bat? I'm guessing the station was owned by someone from South Asia, where the game is wildly popular. They probably had it stashed there for the employees.
I looked it up, and there is a cricket league in the area. All the names are South Asian.

Commentor 3: Cricket is baseball on acid.

Next we have the sad story of a wandering badger in Germany. Seems he ate some over-ripe cherries and staggered into town. Where he promptly parked himself in the middle of the intersection and refused to budge. A passerby called the police to report a dead badger in the road but when they got there they discovered one very much alive, but pretty damn cranky, badger. The police tried to scare him off but, and I quote, "having failed to scare the animal away, officers eventually chased it from the road with a broom". And that was laugh out loud worthy.


Dingo said...

I like that the goal for the elephant is to release him into the wild but I wonder about the upkeep and maintenance on his prosthetic. Won't it rust? What if a strap breaks? Doesn't it make him slower and a prime target for hungry lions?

Aliceson said...

I love it when gas station attendants fight back, the crook usually gets a well deserved butt whooping.