Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Evidence that Sarah Palin is an Idiot

I suppose the subtitle to this could be: The Washington Post Editors are Also Idiots.

Ms Palin has an Op-Ed in the Washington Post. In the Post's defense, the piece is in the opinion section and thus less likely to be confused to hard news. Still, it is more evidence of the paper's clear slant. What happened to the days of journalistic integrity and the ideal of objective news gathering? Cause this here Journalism major is here to tell you, they are long gone.

Palin's editorial argues that the President's proposed cap and trade legislation will destroy the American economy.  Now, I'm no expert on cap and trade but the general idea, as I understand it, is to fine those who exceed their cap on harmful emissions and thus encourage growth in green technology. Palin seems to think that this legislation will cost thousands of jobs and hurt the economy of years to come.  She talks about how if those nasty bureaucrats would just give Alaska permission, they could drill and get us enough oil to solve all our problems.  Plus she talks about how clean coal is becoming.  Um, Sarah? News flash. There is NO SUCH THING as clean coal. It doesn't exist. It probably will never exist.

Conor Clarke over at the Daily Dish has a couple of great posts about Palin's editorial. He talks about how she basically ignores the reason behind cap and trade and focuses solely on her tired rhetoric of drill, baby, drill and how the great state of Alaska can solve America's energy problems if those nasty environmentalists will just go away. Of course, she doesn't phrase it quite that way but if you paid the slightest bit of attention last fall its pretty easy to fill in the blanks.

And I love that at the end of her rant, the Post adds this tidbit at the end in case you didn't recognize Palin from her by-line: The writer, a Republican, is governor of Alaska. They forgot to add: Until the end of the month.

If this is what we have to look forward to after Palin leaves office, I'll pass. It's more of the same only slightly more polished. She should stick to print and maybe she'd sound a little less stupid. Hey! I know!

Palin should start a blog.
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Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Thanks for keeping up to date. I have not been paying a lot of attention to the news while on summer break. The crappola one has to wade through to get to the gist of some truth and factoids is in direct contrast to my goal of finding my creative center.

But, I love having the main ideas pointed out for me ; -) while I am taking a break.

ZIRGAR said...

Imagine that: Palin being a shill for Drill, baby. Drill! She's got nothing new or vital to add to the public discourse on anything and the sooner she fades away the better.