Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RTT- Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blogger

Well, it's Tuesday. Man, they come around fast. It's almost like it's a regular occurance. Go visit the UnMom for more

Oi. So Blogger has been giving me fits. First of all, the damn Followers widget won't accept my color changes. No matter how many times I try, half of it is still in dark grey which is barely legible. And I've given up trying to ask for help from Blogger on this issue. It's just gonna have to look sucky.

Speaking of followers. When I wrote my 300th post, I really had 29 followers. After I posted it I was mysteriously down to 28. To whomever I pissed off, I'm sorry.

And what is it with the damn spell check? Grrr. it has a mind of its own. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. And speaking of doesn't, why the hell doesn't Blogger know how doesn't is spelled?

Sigh. Blogger likes to toy with me. Some days everything works perfectly. Others? Not so much so.

I have no new pictures of the dogs but I will say this about the puppy: She's a ninja beast. She can reduce a roll of toilet paper to confetti faster than anything I've ever seen. She also has a hate on for Danielle Steele. My only copy of Ms Steele's works is only in my house because I was too lazy to return it to the book club. Aibhne has nibbled the corners. It may well be unreadable. More so than it already was. (An abject apology to any Danielle Steele fans out there. Don't unfollow.)

Youngest has returned safely from Missouri where she was the maid of honor at a friend's wedding. By the way, she met that friend IRL for the first time at the airport. As in, they had never actually physically met until said friend picked her up at the airport. Hence the IRL (in real life to you losers out there) tag.

She left the next day for the beach with her best friend, her boyfriend and a male representative of the posse. They went without reservations and still managed to find a reasonably priced hotel. Though we certainly had a few. Reservations, I mean. There comes a time when you must either trust your children or die from the anxiety. Since it would have been seriously inconvenient to die, we opted for the only choice left.

I will say this. It's been nice and quiet without her and her posse around. (If you're reading this Youngest, no insult was intended. Any you infer is your own responsibility.)

We went to the dog park again. It was fairly crowded this time and all the beasts had a good time until one pit bull mix decided Rowan was his bitch. And humped him.

Rowan was not happy.

Aibhne, on the other hand, thought this dog was cool and ran after him wherever he went. Clearly, she has not been in heat yet because he was uninterested in her "in that way". Thank goodness. Time to get that girl fixed.

I am running out of random things to say so I will say goodbye. Drop by Keely's for more randomness.

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Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I have been thinking of moving to Wordpress, but am unmotivated to make the move...just want it done.

I love the line "There comes a time when you must either trust your children or die from the anxiety" That's me on a daily basis, even with my oldest, just turned 20.

Aliceson said...

Congrats on 300! I was out of town when you posted "300" and haven't had the chance to read through all 147 posts that were waiting in my reader when we returned.

Blogger irritates me sometimes too but I don't know enough about computer-y type things to do a damn thing about it.

kel said...

wow! COngrats on 300 posts!! and a ninja puppy,huh?? lol!