Monday, July 6, 2009


So, I was just checking out the blog and such and noticed that my next post would be number 300.

Can I just say, wow. I started this blog on December 17, 2007. I went until February 1, 2008 before I posted again and was pretty sporadic until September (feels like there should be suitably dramatic music inserted here-da da da dun- sort of thing) and the election.

It's fairly amazing to me that I've managed to keep this blog going as long as I have. Or that anybody reads it, let alone follows it. (And by the way, someone please follow today. I need just one more to make to 30. You never have to read it again. Okay? Thanks.)

Those of you that do read this blog, thank you. I'm pleased that some of you think enough of what I write and share to keep coming back. And its pretty clear that some of you are repeat customers. That's more cool than I ever imagined.

Thanks for the comments, the encouragement, the commiseration and the laughs. If you'll keep reading, I'll keep writing. Deal?


Anonymous said...

If you keep writing, I'll keep reading. Posting pics of your cute dogs doesn't hurt either.

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