Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Reunion

I am off today to our annual family reunion.  My Dad had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. The descendants of the 7, as we call them, meet every year or close to it.  This year, only one of the 7 is still living and I don't believe she'll be making it to the reunion.

Without the 7 to pester their kids, the reunions have gradually grown smaller and smaller. I suspect that within a few years, they'll stop being annual events.  23 people have RSVP'd this year.  That's significantly smaller than when I was growing up or even when my kids were little. At our peak we probably had in the vicinity of 75-80. Not the largest but not bad. Mind you these are direct descendants from 2 people to the 3rd generation. That would be my grandparent, my dad, me and my kids. Actually, I think we're up to great-great grandchildren of the original pair, but only recently. I guess that makes to the 4th generation.

Anyway, I feel I have to go. My Dad really enjoyed the reunions and was always disappointed when one of us couldn't make it. This year, all four of us are going. It's been a while since the girls were both available. 

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