Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

Welcome to Wednesday Weirdness where I bravely shift through all the craziness out there and come up with the best weird news of the week. Some weeks it's harder than others. This one started out looking like slim pickings but it finished with a bang.

We start with an Israeli woman who thought she was helping out her elderly mother by buying her a new mattress. Sounds good so far. Until you learn that the old mattress held her mother's life savings. Daughter is frantically searching the dump for the mattress which is purported to contain one million dollars. No good deed goes unpunished. In this case, it looks like daughter isn't getting her inheritance.

As unbelievable as that may be, you should take a look a the latest concept, er, mower from Husqvarna. The mower is electric, built out of recycled materials and sports a LCD-display that tells you how to achieve the perfect cut. It also has three cutting decks that resemble an electric razor. Sort of a Husqvarna meets Norelco by way of Tim Burton. Take a look.

Moving from high-tech to low tech, I bring you my nominee for stupid criminal of the week. In Phenix City, AL thieves made off with an ATM machine from the local Wachovia branch. As in the dug it up out of the concrete with a back hoe, loaded it onto a flatbed trailer and took off. Unfortunately, they did not secure their cargo and it fell off. Since they left the backhoe at the bank, they were unable to get it back onto the trailer and abandoned it. In the street. Excuse me while I contain my mirth.

Runner up this week for stupid criminal is one Marcos Ribles who tried to pass off two 100-peso Argentinian notes. Problem was his forgery was so poor that not only was no one fooled but the court decided that he was too incompetent to find guilty. Innocent by reason of incompetence. Sounds like a whole new area of jurisprudence.

And last I leave you with the following image:

Yes, that is a crane game. And yes, those are boobs. Gives whole new meaning to the term, boobie prize, don't it? (You know I had to go there. Please stop groaning. When given that set up I defy you to resist such a pun).

That's it for this week. And it appears that the bloggers block may be better. No guarantees.

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