Friday, June 26, 2009

Bachmann and Beck- Two Peas in the Same Idiot Pod

So I was perusing the interwebs and discovered this jewel:

1880 US Census
Bachmann has made the news lately for announcing that she will refuse to complete her census form.  Actually, she's going to let the government know how many people live in her home just nothing else.  She seems to think that its some great government plot to learn all sorts of private, personal information.  Like her phone number. 

What she doesn't realize is that the government has been doing more than simply counting for a while now. That image over there is a page from the 1880 US Census. They not only wanted to know how many people lived at each address, they wanted to know their ages, their race, where they were born and where their parents were born, could they read, and had they attended school in the last year. It's hard to really see that well but having looked at these kind of records I can tell you what's being asked.

But the money quote from the "interview" above has to be "Do they really need to know, like you said, the date and time that we leave mental stability?"

To which I can only say two things: First. You left mental stability a long, long time ago, honey.  You and your little friend there haven't been in that state for quite some time.  Second. What the holy shit are you babbling about?  Where is that on the census.  I want to see a copy of the question using that phrase.  What the hell? 

This intrigued me so much I undertook a grueling internet search that took me hours seconds okay minutes. I found plenty of info on the 2010 census. It might surprise you to know that Bachmann is wrong on a couple of points.

I know. I was surprised, too.

There is a question that deals with are you a US citizen. You can actually answer "no". There is no question about mental stability.  There is a question about marital status.  I could see how she might get those confused since clearly someone would have to have questionable mental stability to want to marry either Beck or Bachmann.   Want to know what is going to asked in the community survey?  Go here. Wondering what the short form looks like? Go here.

Will the good people of Minnesota please rise up and retire this embarrassment?  Please. I beg of you. She makes you all look stupid.

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