Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RTT-Cars and teenagers and almost 21-year-olds

So, it's Tuesday. Yea, Tuesday! Time for some randomness. Go hit Keely at the UnMom for more.

Well, remember a few weeks back when I told you our timing belt murdered our engine and it was going to effing cost us an outrageous amount to fix? Yeah, well, the engine runs. But now the AC doesn't. And unlike Keely who is currently bemoaning the fact that it's going to freeze tonight in Canada, it's June in Texas for real and that means the thermometer is climbing. Today's expected high is 94 degrees. Relatively mild. Unless you're in a car whose AC was murdered by the idiot's at Lamb's Tire and Auto in Round Rock, TX. They all but admitted they killed it yet still had the cajones to quote us another $1250 to fix it! RIP AC.

So while we sweat the summer away and Hubby plots to get the AC fixed by threatening legal action or some such, our Eldest is approaching a milestone. Next week at 5:01PM CST she will be 21. Legal in all 50 states and able to purchase and consume alcohol on her own. Joy. Yippee. Wait while I weep.

Youngest has herself a new boyfriend. One who is attending an actual college and everything. He has a job. He's polite. You know, I've been married 23 years and it still unnerves me when someone calls me Mrs. Whosit. I no longer look around for my mother-in-law but it still makes me cringe. Most of the girls friends call us, when they actually use something to address us, either Mom or Dad. (Yes, we're those people. Don't ask me how we managed to be the cool parents. I still don't know.) So it's weird when one of them doesn't. This weekend she gets to go to his little sister's high school graduation party and meet the parents, the sibs, various aunts and uncles and maybe even a grandparent or two. Scary stuff.

This is her last year being a teen. Next year she's 20. Damn. Sooner than I expect we will be ready for, they'll be college graduations and weddings and babies (hopefully in that order). Arghh!!!!

So while those of you with toddlers and elementary aged children sit there all smug in their cuteness and adorable-ness, just remember this. It was like yesterday when my girls were all cute and adorable and we were more concerned about finding a way to get some alone time away from them than wondering where the hell they were at 2 AM on a week night. Your time will come. Far, far sooner than you want or will be prepared for or anything.
Though the nice thing is that Youngest is well, young and less than responsible and has disposable income since she's working this summer and she's bought seven tickets to the Alamo Drafthouse to Equality Now's screening of Serenity and Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog. And we're invited. How cool is that? Maybe she turned out okay.

That's it for now. Time to get back to work. I've been amiss of late with posting and promise to do better. Tune in tomorrow for Weird Wednesday!


Sidhe said...

Thanks for the RTT (as I sit here smug in my 8-year-old's cuteness!). Sounds good but for the AC thing (yuk).

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram said...

Happy RTT! Time goes by so quickly and then the kids are all grown up!

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skyewriter said...

Oh no! A friend caught me off guard the other day at the store and called me by my married name... the first time ever someone other than Tom has done it.

I seriously think I skipped a few seconds of my life in deep, all-encompassing fear that my mother-in-law was standing behind me or something.

So you never get used to it, huh? *sigh*

Keely said...

If your youngest lived here, she'd have been in the bars & buying booze already. Just sayin'.


GreenJello said...

Oh, yes... do they ever grow up quickly. And you get less sleep when they're teens than when they're little, I've decided.