Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RTT- Ugh, I have bloggers block

It's Tuesday so it's time for Random Tuesday Thoughts. Go see Keely at the UnMom for more randomness.

I am having serious bloggers block. I cannot think of anything to write about. It sucks. Seriously, there's all sorts of shit going on in the world and I am curiously blank on what to say.

This Saturday, I attended the Austin Pride Fest. My church had a booth and we passed out skittles (taste the rainbow) and information. We passed out lots of baggies with skittles and a card. Lots. And it was hot. Oh sweet baby jesus was it hot. As always, when in contact with the great outdoors and doing more than sitting in the shade, yours truly got overheated. Ever since that time at Camp Texlake (Girl Scout camp), I flirt with heat exhaustion whenever I am outside for longer than half an hour during the hot part of the year. Which in my part of Texas is April through October.

Anyway, the Pride Fest was fun. On one side we had Best Buy complete with a Playstation set up. On the other was C.A.R.E., a group that provides AIDS resources and free condoms. Free condoms, free dental dams and free HIV testing. Hawked loudly and persistently. Needless to say, the two groups generated lots of traffic which we benefited from. Also nearby was the Austin Fire Department's GLBT group that had a photo booth set up complete with firefighters in turn-out gear (bottoms only).

Hubby spent the day in Denton moving Eldest's books and bookcase that didn't make the trip last month. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Except that the bookcase barely fit in the Santa Fe and she had enough books to fill a second bookcase. Which Hubby bought her on Sunday from Ikea. And built it. And she filled it and now has no room for the new books she will inevitably add. So she will need a third bookcase. Sooner rather than later, I'm guessing.

Youngest is still a trial. Have I said lately that I'm oh so ready for her to move out but that it's not going to happen until January at the earliest? She and her friends were up last night playing games until 2:30 in the freaking AM. While we at least knew where she was at 2:30, that location was loud and every bit as disturbing as if it was unknown. More so, really. Grr. Makes one wonder were they went wrong.

Haven't had a puppy update recently but I can add only one word: HUGE. Granted she's not actually as large as Myrddin or Rowan but the fact that she's only 5 months old and misses Myrddin by a mere 5 pounds or so (hard to say precisely since she's gotten too big to weigh effectively on the Wii) makes us think that our days are numbered. She is mostly water tight and only has an accident when she is left inside too long. She is still little miss destructo and tries to regularly find new and interesting things to destroy. This week it was the stuffed koala bear that my parents got me over 20 years ago from Australia. I have no idea where she found it or how. But it is well and truly gutted.

Well, I can't even think of anything else to add to the randomness. Hopefully this will pass soon. I believe I may have promised last week to do better and utterly failed. I will make no such promises this week. Wish me luck. Better yet, wish me inspiration.


Patrice said...

stopping by from Keely's blog... good luck with the bloggers block! I've been there myself... wish I could help!

Keely said...

My brother used to weigh the dog by stepping on the scale, and then stepping back on while carrying the dog and subtracting the difference. He tried it with our dog (70lbs) too - ONCE.

Um, blogging block...I don't know. I usually dredge up a story from my past that my friends are sick of hearing but is brand new to my blog readers. Or find a meme. Or look through old photos and find one with a good story.

Or, y'know, step away for a week or so and enlist a couple of guest posts.

Chris said...

I'm with ya! Especially relating to having lots of political material and nothing to say! Some days, I just don't want to think too much about the state of the world, and I'm giving myself a break from it.....and if I don't feel like writing, I don't!