Friday, June 19, 2009

The Revolution will be brought to you today by Twitter

Who would have ever believed it? Twitter as a tool of revolutionary change in Iran of all places. I got this from Andrew Sullivan. His coverage of what's going on in Iran has been nothing less than amazing. If you go to Jeff Clark's site you can see an interactive version that allows you to click on any word in the cloud and view the related tweets.

The Supreme Leader has said that the election was legitimate and those who continue to protest will be dealt with harshly. We are watching history unfold, folks, and it is our duty as fellow passengers on the planet to stand as witness.

Whatever happens.

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Anonymous said...

Twitter, Andrew Sullivan, and Nico Pitney on Huffington Post have provided the best coverage of the aftermath of the Iran election. Nico provides a running compilation and some commentary about what is happening. Andrew provides thoughtful commentary and his coverage has been amazing...just as his coverage of the election blew me away. He is a blogger extraordinaire.