Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whee for the Wii

My husband got me a Wii Fit board for Christmas.  The Wii console is actually our daughter's.  So when she moves out (sometime in the not so distant future) we will have to buy our own console.  Smart thinking, dude.

But seriously, I love the thing.  Except for the cutesy anime voice when it talks to you.  That can just go away and die.  And when I step on it and it says "Oh".  Not so smart, Mr Programmer.  Probably not the best idea in the world to have the board complain when I step on.

I digress.

I am not an athlete.  Far from it.  In fact I may the clutziest person on the planet (except for my eldest).  I have in fact been known to trip up the stairs (so has she).  So needless to say I am focusing on the balance games. The best one so far  is the ski jump.  What's really great about it is that eldest and I have the easiest time with it.  Hubby and youngest struggle.  Though youngest cleared up that problem by playing ski jump for almost half an hour and declared that she had figured it out.  Which means she bumped her sister off the high score.  We're not competitive or anything in our house.   

Is it wrong that after 15 to 20 minutes of games on the Fit, I actually feel like I'm starting to sweat and get some real exercise (for me)?  I know I am pathetically out of shape but seriously.  15 minutes and I'm sweating?

Yea me.

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