Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

Hokay. I'm late but it's still technically Wednesday here in Texas. Let's start.

In the gross department, an Illinois man raises money for charity by allowing people to shave his eyebrows. Si Burgher's eyebrows were so long he could comb them. The longest hair was three inches long. His wife says he looks 20 years younger sans the shaggy look.

A man in Alaska has come up with a strange way to make a point . Craig Compeau of Fairbanks has made an ice sculpture of Al Gore and invited the former Vice President to come to Fairbanks and explain his global warming theories. Apparently, Compeau still needs convincing. So he's made an 8 1/2 foot tall sculpture that will stand on a downtown street corner until Gore arrives or it melts. No comment from Gore.

This one falls into the "out of the mouth of babes" category. A Fort Pierce, Florida woman was arrested after a 4-year-old girl told police were she was hiding. Three adults had said she wasn't home when police arrived to execute an arrest warrant. The girl took police to where she was hiding under a bed . At least someone in that household is responsible.

Remember when Roberts fumbled the oath of office? Well, wingnuts can rest easy. He administered a second oath tonight at the White House. Even though constitutional experts believe the jumbled oath counted, it's always best to be sure. This is not the first time a Presidential oath of office has gotten a do-over: Calvin Coolidge and Chester A Arthur had a second try at their oaths because of similar mistakes. Not really "weird" news, I know but amusing nonetheless.

And last but not least is my favorite. George Huger bought the domain when it expired two years ago for $5. Needless to say, when the presidential library realized they had let this domain expire they were feeling a tad bit, shall we we say, stupid. They compounded that fact by re-buying their domain from Huger for $35,000. Not a shabby return on his investment.

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Aliceson said...

Love the last one. You know, stupid comes with a price.