Friday, January 9, 2009


Ever wanted to reach through the phone line and strangle your child?  Well, I just got a twofer.

First, some background.  We have one vehicle for 4 people.  Hubby and I work together, so that helps.  Youngest goes to school at UT and there's a bus stop close to our workplace so that's not too bad.  The real problem comes when Eldest is in town and needs (read wants) the car.  The car gets twice the miles on it so she can toodle around town after dropping us off at work.

Now for the fun. Youngest can never remember that we get off work an hour early on Fridays.  She tells her sister to pick her up near campus (no buses running until next week) at 4:30.  Which is half an hour after we can leave.  So when I try calling Eldest at 4:25 and get no answer, I am peeved but not too. I call Youngest at 4:33 and learn the fun fact that not only did she tell her sister to pick her up at 4:30, she's running late.  When I call her back twenty minutes later, they've met up but Eldest, who is seriously directionally impaired, is headed in the wrong direction and apparently has no idea how to get from the UT campus to our workplace even though she drove from our workplace to campus JUST THIS FREAKING MORNING. 

Well, I tell ya.  I just about lost it.  Squeals and giggles over the phone as Eldest admits she has no idea how to get here.  And oh by the way Mom, I can hear you going ballastic over the phone. I'd tell Youngest to drive but she has no license.  I almost did it anyway.

After telling her she was headed in the opposite damn direction from the way she needed to be going, I hung up.  Hubby, God love him, tells me to calm down.  Dude, when I tell you the same thing when you're pissed off about something, it never works.  Why do you think it's going to help me?  Hmmm?

Arghh!  There are days that I want to take my directionally challenged daughter and just cram a GPS unit into her brain.  How can anyone so intelligent be so completely unaware of where she is?  Urk!  I think I'm going to throw a gasket just thinking about it.

I was SOOO ready for the weekend to start and now its been delayed by over an hour (and counting).  She asked me to buy her a bookcase last night and I was all prepared to hit IKEA on the way home but now not so much.  Except for the fact that her book obession is taking over her room and a bookcase would be a good thing.  And I found one at IKEA for only $20.  Shit.

Life is never fair.  EVER.


Aliceson said...

A mother's job is never done. Not looking forward to the whole driving thing.

Good luck!

Wild Child said...

And in these moments, I will need to think hard about my "sky/ocean".

Blogget Jones said...

I've been thankful that Son is showing no signs of wanting to drive. He's 18 in 8 months and has no desire. It's okay with me. He'd scare me if he drove, with his temper problem.

Unfortunately, I still have phone calls like this one. From my mother. Who is seriously directionally challenged! I'd give her a GPS but the voice would just freak her out. LOL

:o) BJ