Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Idiots R US

Being an idiot and on the political battlefield is not just an American past time.   Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Al-Qaida number 2, has issued a statement blaming , get this, Obama for the Israel/Gaza crisis.

He thinks that Obama's lack of action is his"gift to Israel".  While I would like to see Obama condemn Israel's actions, I don't think this is his fault.  He's not even President yet.  There's only so much he can do.  

No, we can lay the blame for America's inaction squarely at the doorstep of George W Bush, the man who is still President.  He's the one who should be saying or doing something productive instead of waffling on what his greatest domestic policy achievement was- his failed Social Security plan or his failed immigration reform.  So love that the best he can come up with is a choice between two failed plans.  Always worth a giggle W.  Always.  It's either that or cry.

So while Al-Qaida starts its hysterical name-calling before Obama even takes office, let's just remember some of the facts, or at least those we can discover, about the war in Gaza:

  • Israel bombed a UN school where refugees where seeking refuge.  The UN had given the GPS coordinates of all of its facilities to Israel prior to the start of the current hostilities.  
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross has received calls for pain killers, anesthetics, body bags and sheets to wrap dead bodies.  Body bags.  The Red Cross needs body bags.  As in they've run out and they need more.  
  • The EU's effort's  at negotiating a cease fire fail.  In part because they don't have a coherent message.
Obama claims he will tackle this issue after January 20th.  It will certainly be his first major foreign policy concern.  And while the right-wingers will no doubt bemoan any approach he takes, they truly have no leg to stand on since Bush has failed so miserably to do anything of substance.

13 days and counting....

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