Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

Well, I am up way too freaking early, awakened from a semi-sound sleep with some lovely low back pain, so I thought I'd entertain myself while I waited for the ibuprofen to kick in by looking up this week's weirdness. My pain is your gain.

We begin with news from China, where government officials have decided to paint an entire mountainside green. Officials in Fumin County painted Laoshou Mountain at the cost of $51,000. The mountain had been the sight of a quarry for two decades that had recently been shut down. Perhaps this was their way of dealing with the dust complaints? Or is it an attempt at Feng Shui?

In Japan, you can purchase this lovely device to help you lose weight:
Supposedly this helps with the battle of the "bulge" by "split[ing] the wearer’s abdomen into small blobs, allowing for increased metabolic consumption of calories and a high rate of fat burned." It's even scented. So you can smell nice while you look ridiculous.

Moving on. To Houston, in fact, where an unaccompanied 8-year-old girl was placed on the wrong Continental Airlines flight by staff. Meaning to go to Charlotte, she instead ended up in Fayetteville. And apparently the only way to fix the problem was to send her back to Houston and then on to Charlotte. To make matters worse, Continental had a two fer that weekend on losing children. In Boston, a 10-year-old headed from Boston to Cleveland ended up in Newark, NJ. Maybe next time, the parents should write a big tag that gives the destination and flight number and pin it on their kiddo. Maybe this way more "miscommunication" will be avoided.

Well, I've heard of a player being ejected from a game but an Iowa umpire took it one step further. He ejected the entire crowd. Seriously, he felt the 100 or so fans were being "unruly, yelling and arguing" so he stopped the game and made them leave. The real problem is that the police the umpire called to make sure there were no problems and a school district superintendent saw no unruly behavior. Maybe someone called him something particularly annoying and he overreacted. Guess he can't take a little heckling.

A one week old cocker spaniel puppy survived being flushed down the toilet. 4-year-old Daniel Blair thought the puppy was muddy and decided to give him a bath. In the toilet. Which he then flushed and down went the pup. It was rescued after a plumber was called. Using a camera, he was able to spot the wet, bedraggled puppy about 20 yards down the pipe. Okay. How does a one-week old puppy who can't even open his eyes get "muddy"? I'd ask what a 4-year-old was doing alone with the puppy but having had children I know the little darlings can be sneaky and devious at times. And do you even want to know what the poor puppy smelt like after his ride? I've watched the YouTube video and I can assure you that he stunk by the time he was pushed to the access.

This one is only funny because of the recent gift Youngest got from her beau. He got her a Mr. Spock bobble head. Tap his head and he says one of three phrases, including, of course, live long and prosper. This one is from a different movie.

I wonder if this one says, "I'll be back"?

And last we have one Joseph Carnevale who created this:

All might have been well except for the fact that the police chiefs wife found the artwork so funny she crashed her car. Her brand new Navigator, in fact. Mr. Carnevale has been arrested. After all, a man must suffer for his art.

That's it for this week. See you next time. And hey! the ibuprofen seems to be working, Yay!

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Captain Dumbass said...

I think people should just wear that Japanese weight loss thing all the time. You could use a little body paint to make designs on your skin.