Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RTT- Did you know Round Rock has a dog park?

Well, it's Tuesday again.  You should know the drill by now.  Go check out Keely's site for more.

This weekend I actually got my Hubby to agree to not play bridge.  Of course, I had to come up with a complete agenda to make it happen but hey, that's okay.

We went to our city's first Juneteenth celebration and got to hear the One Way Baptist's church choir perform.  That alone was worth suffering the heat.

And damn, but it was hot this weekend! If the last few weeks are any indication, this summer is going to be absolutely miserable.  You know its bad when you start daydreaming about the haze on the horizon and how it sort of looks like mountains and wouldn't it be great to be somewhere else right about now?

We next ventured to Home Depot to gather supplies for the mile and half long list of things that need to be done to the house.  We started small.  We bought something that will hopefully fix the leaky toilet (I'll let you know. It won't be safe to use until tomorrow.) and new drawer pulls for the kitchen.  Our crappy 70's era fugly pieces of poo are falling apart.  Or in the instance of the silverware drawer, already fallen off.  Matching the design was out of the question but we found something that looks acceptable.  And functions.  We also bought more expanding foam filler to finish plugging the hole where our chimney is sagging. Hopefully we've put up the "No Vacancy" sign for all woodland critters in the neighborhood that like to shelter and raise their young in the space. 

Later that day, we took the dogs to the dog park.  I had no idea Round Rock had a dog park.  None.  And it's a really nice one.  Two fenced in sections (Over 40 pounds and Under 40 pounds) with water for the pups and seating for the people.  The large dog side even has an agility course.  The puppy, in case you're wondering, has just reached 40 pounds.  So they all got to go into the large dog side.  Not that they were the largest dogs there. Not by a long shot.  The boys thought it was great. Rowan especially. He got to meet so many new friends (you sniff my butt and I'll sniff yours) that he was ecstatic.  Myrddin even enjoyed himself.  Aibhne, on the other hand, wasn't too sure.  She growled at quite a few dogs who were just trying to be friendly.  And ran to the closest human, whether it was us or not, whenever she felt threatened.  The best part of the day was when this female Mastiff came in.  She was super friendly. And she liked to do the chest bump game. As in, she'd charge the other dog and they'd both get up on their back feet and bump chests. Kinda like two rams butting heads.  This is Rowan's favorite game.  But he meet his match.  She knocked him on his butt and he said, thanks but no thanks to further rounds.

We will definitely be going back.

We finished the night by seeing the Derailers at the Broken Spoke. Hubby even got me onto the dance floor.  Generally, I don't go for dancing cause gyrating on floor in front other people makes everyone involved look stupid.  But at the Broken Spoke my hestiation had another source. Wild gyrations are not the norm in a counrtry and western dance hall. No, these folks actually know how to dance.  And they can be intimidating as hell. Makes me want to go get lessons.

And Hubby actually said that he and his bridge partner are looking into playing in the week night games. This weekend might just be the first of many similar excursions.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

John just called me while I was reading this to tell me he wanted to take the dogs to the dog park tonight. Totally random. We never go during the week. Weird!

Aliceson said...

It's been warm here too. Not Texas warm mind you but today it's around 90 and humid. Uck!

The dog park sounds awesome. I can't believe your puppy (I'm not even going to try and butcher her name) is 40 pounds already. As soon as she gets her courage up, she'll be bumping chests with the rest of the pooches.