Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weird Wednesday

It's that time again. Seriously. It's still Wednesday here in Texas. I promise to try to be somewhat closer to on time next week.

I can't say the weird news choices have been very good of late. Really, the regular news has been weirder that just about anything here, what with Birthers and Deathers and the like.

So we begin with a $9.99 52-inch TV. Best Buy posted the price on its website but rather quickly retracted it. Seems it should have read $1799.99. That's one hell of a typo. They are, of course, not honoring the price.

This one is right up there with last week's towing of a lawn mower with a moped. Police in St Charles Parish Louisiana were curious when they spotted a man riding a bicycle with an alligator draped across his shoulders. Surprisingly enough, Terron Ingram left both the bike and the gator and attempted to flee police when stopped. When they caught him, they charged him with resisting arrest, possessing drug paraphernalia and animal cruelty. The gator was released into a nearby swamp. Ingram is still in jail in lieu of $15,000 bond. Note to self: If I'm going to be carrying illegal substances on my person, don't call attention to myself by toting an alligator.

This woman was arrested in Chicago for the 60th time for shoplifting:
She was trying to steal wrinkle cream. No offense, but maybe they should have let her have it. She pled guilty and the judge let her off with time served. I think maybe it might be a little too late for anything she could swipe from the grocery store.

The Royal Opera House in London is attempting to get more people interested in opera. How might they be doing this? With Twitter. Yes, that's right. Twitter. They're getting folks to write an opera 140 characters at a time. The plot will be written by twitterers and then scored by professionals. So far, the first act ends as the "hero had been kidnapped by a flock of birds and is in a tower awaiting rescue." And also apparently a talking cat.

Speaking of cats, meet Nora the piano playing cat. While not a new story, she's been posting to YouTube since 2007, she was recently featured in USA Today. So I'm counting it as "new".

See you all next week.

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