Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RTT-Day 52

That's how many day this summer that we've reached a 100 degrees in Austin.  Though technically, as far as the record books go I mean, it's 44.  I'm claiming the 52 as correct since the site for those temps is 2 miles from where I work.

It's August, people. There will be more days over a hundred before we're done. And while that's not quite every day since the summer began, the thing to remember is that the days that didn't make it to 100 were generally in the 90s. Miserable doesn't even begin to cover it.

I think the heat is getting to Governor Big Hair. First it's we don't want your stinking stimulus money. Now it's, we won't participate in a government public option for health care. Says it should be the state's job to improve health care. Dude, before you start speaking out your ass you should look around you. 1 in 4 Texans don't have health insurance. We also have the highest cost for health care of any state. Sounds like we're not doing such a good job, Rickie. Truth is he's just trying to stir up "the base" ahead of the gubernatorial elections.  Keep it up, son, you're doing a bang up job. No one really expects sanity from Texas politicians anyway.

At least the air conditioning in the car is working again. The drive home is quite a bit less miserable than before. We'll be able to take the pups to the dog park without getting covered in drool on the way home.

Speaking of dogs, the puppy, and I use that term loosely, weighed in today at 49.8 pounds. Youngest weighs her on the Wii by picking her up and holding her like a toddler. The dog puts her front legs around her neck and she sets the dog's butt on her hip.  I want to see Hubby try that with Rowan.

We've been trying to hit the Wii regularly, Youngest and I. We both tried the Hula Hoop today. She did okay but I actually failed. Which should come as no surprise to me since I was never able to get those damn things to work for real.  After my pathetic attempt on the Hula Hoop, I moved on to the step aerobics and the boxing. I'm not sure how, but the boxing is actually a pretty decent work out. Even for an uncoordinated sod like myself.

Well, I'm fast running of Tuesday so I'll call it a night. Head on ever to Keely's for more Random Tuesday Thoughts.

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Creepy said...

We thankfully haven't hit 100 degrees here yet... and hope we never do!!

Love my Wii and the Hula Hoop! I suck at the snowboarding though....