Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to Talk to Someone who thinks you're an Idiot

You can't.

Really. That's the only answer. I made the mistake of forwarding David Axelrod's email to someone who thinks that everything coming out of the White House is mere propaganda. The tone of the reply was harsh, to say the least.

My intelligence was impugned. Rhetoric was thrown. Cap and Trade made it in to the "dialog" and the "farce" of global warming, too. Then the kicker. "If you want to talk more, I'm willing".

Seriously? How can I talk to someone who'd just implied that my concern with the current state of affairs means I'm not interested in hearing differing opinions?  Someone who derides my opinion and then somehow thinks I'll be willing to talk to them about something we oh so obviously disagree on.

Reading that email made me sick to my stomach. Literally. It was a shock to read the vitriol from someone I know aimed at me. All I could do was to say I'm sorry and I won't be bothering you again. I have no desire to argue electronically with someone whose mind is made up and who thinks I'm  misguided and squandering my education. That somehow my degree in Journalism is being wasted because I can't see through the lies being spoon fed to me.

We'll just have to agree to disagree. Civilly and with humility.


texastrailerparktrash said...

That's just it--you can't get anywhere with folks who have already closed off their minds. They aren't going to believe anything from the Obama administration, no matter who it comes from. Try not to take it personally because they have the problem, not you. You haven't squandered your education, you're putting it to excellent use. Keep on keepin' on!

Monica Roberts said...

TB Texan,
As you know all too well we Texas liberal-progressives have to develop skin as thick as the armadillos we run over on I-10 and I-35.

Keep in mind the conservatives are the ones clinging like desperate winos to their failed political dogma.

When you refuse to open your mind to the prospect of new ideas and new information that challenges your worldview, you stagnate as a person.

Hand in there. Texas will wake up and return to its progressive roots within your and my lifetimes.

Chris said...

Well, with you two, we already have a good start in the great state of Texas.....I'm impressed already!
This has been the most frustrating time of my life so far, except for the civil rights movement...I'm trying so hard to have faith in my countrymen, but it's getting harder every day!!
Always keep up your work......those of us who can see change as a good thing, and an open mind as the door to the future, will always be the ones who take America into a positive direction, as opposed to those who continue to use negativity, scare tactics, violence, money and power to solve our problems.