Tuesday, August 4, 2009

RTT- It's hot in Texas and other things

Hey there! It's Tuesday and I'm back with Random Tuesday Thoughts. If you want more randomness, go visit the Unmom. We could all use a little randomness.

So, it's hot in Texas, in case you didn't know. We've had 44 days this year with triple digit highs. Interspersed in there have been lots of days in the 90s, enough to bring the total number of miserable days in 2009 to at least 55 or so.

And it's just August. We won't see any relief until at least the end of September. We could easily hit 50 days over 100 by then. Today's expected to be number 45...

Speaking of the crazy weather, while it's 100 degrees or more outside, the current indoor temperature is 69. My corner of the office is an icebox. About 6 feet away, it's 72. And at the other end of the office it's probably about 75. No matter how many times we have the building maintenence ijit come in, we can't get the temperature balanced. It's freaking nuts.

The car finally gets to go into the shop tomorrow and get the AC fixed. So tonight's drive home should be the last time we bake in triple digit heat. Lovely timing. Screwed up AC and a heat wave. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

I've been thinking a lot lately about moving. It won't happen anytime soon, of course, but I am so tired of the heat and other things best left unsaid that I am ready to chuck it all in. Where would I move? Personally, I'm ready to leave the country. Vancouver sounds good. Or the UK. Hell, even France. But most assuredly out of Round Rock. Eventually, we hope to move back into Austin and cut our commute time drastically.

Yes, I know, Austin is still in the US and Texas, for that matter. While I may whine about health care reform and wing nuts and everything else that seems to be burning at a fever pitch these days, I don't actually see myself moving out of the country. But a girl can dream.

Mostly, the current mess we're in, both in Texas and Washington, just doesn't seem to be headed anywhere but down the shitter. Tea-baggers disrupting town halls on health care reform. Beck and Hannity and Dobbs screaming nonsense non-stop. Citizens with a petition delaying marriage reform after a perfectly legal legislative process in Maine. America is just plain crazy, I tell you. And the rest of the world isn't much better.

Robert Heinlein and his future history stories have a period in world history dubbed the Crazy Years. Damn, if I don't think old Bob hit that one on the head. If these aren't crazy times, I don't know what is. Personally, some of these right-wing extremists scare the poop out of me. More than the random crazy people with their guns and their stockpiles of food and what have you, the right wing media scares me. They're mainstreaming the lunatic fringe with their talk of birth certificates and socialism and fascism and whatever else they're smoking. Telling people the President hates white people. I mean, what point is there to that other than to stoke resentment and hatred?

Crazy, mad times. I think the Chinese must have cursed us with that "May you live in interesting times" bull crap.

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Chris said...

Leaving the country has crossed our minds as well.......I was just saying on JMG, that sometimes I feel like I'm living on a different planet!!!!