Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RTT-In which I promise not to talk about health care

So it's Tuesday. Go join Keely at the Unmom and spread the randomness. You'll be glad you did.

My Eldest is home for the week. Summer classes are over and she has a week before the fall session starts. She's here to pick up her new cat, get a new cell phone and otherwise spend money.  She randomly purchased Hubby and I gifts. He got a sketchbook and pens. She told him that she finds drawing good therapy. She's told me she's worried that he seems depressed and that at least this should keep him from playing Diablo on the computer for hours at a time. I got a CD of Billy Joel's "Fantasies & Delusions" that I've been wanting for a while. In fact, I'm listening to it as I write this. Pretty cool. One, it's Billy Joel. Two, my kid got me a gift and it wasn't even my birthday. Nifty, huh?

I got a new cell phone this weekend, a Palm Pre. It's fantastic!! Completely made of awesome.  It's my first smartphone and so far is living up to my expectations completely. Eldest is going to be getting one as well. She'll be graduating before our next contract is up and will need a smartphone for work. So, we're switching over now.  Hubby is getting one too but he has to wait for the next paycheck. Our budget can only afford so many at once. I think of it as my family's part in stimulating the economy.

The puppy is in the middle of a growth spurt. She's eating all of her food and most of Myrddin's, too. He's lost a bit of weight since her arrival and we're starting to get concerned that she's just not letting him eat. Especially when she gets like she is now and seems to be ravenous all the time. I've taken to feeding him by hand. I get a cup of kibble and feed Myrddin a handful at a time. The other two get a piece every time I give him a handful, just to keep the troops happy. At least this way I know he's getting something measurable down the gullet. After Aibhne slows down again, he can go back to fending for himself. He better not get used this and decide he can't eat any other way.

The arrival of the kitten was filled with whining and hissing and not a little concern over whether or not the puppy would eat her. It would probably take about two bites.  She's tiny. She also apparently likes to sit on Eldest's shoulder.  Or her head. Whatever's higher and further away from the dogs.  Did I say she is tiny? Wow. A little blue ball of fluff. Russian Blue, at that.

Our new arrival:

Welcome, Miannet Koshka. May you get big enough to bully the dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Kittens are adorable! I'd get one if they didn't cause me to swell up like a balloon.

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Anonymous said...

The kitty's adorable! In my experience, it won't be long before she's the queen of all she surveys. I've always liked the quote "Dogs have masters; cats have staff."

LeftLeaningLady said...

Too too cute! I would have a kitten if I didn't live in a city. I hate litter boxes and am not comfortable letting cats roam around traffic.

Sprite's Keeper said...

All those animals! How do you do it? My house would collapse within minutes of bringing that many in.

skyewriter said...

Key-ute kitteh!

She does look a tad nervous and a little stunned... but I am sure she will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

Well, little Miannet is going to live with me in Denton.


Bex said...

now you will be phone buddies! squeeeee....

i had a cat that looked EXACTLY like that as a kitten. his name was handsome.

oh handsome, where art thou?

do i need to go up to our great state's capital to get me another one?