Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kiss the Kitty

Otherwise known as a game invented by Rowan to torture the new kitty. Said kitty, while small enough that Rowan could bite off her head in one chomp were he so inclined (he's not, rest assured) has balls of steel. She's already whopped him on the nose so many times that we lost count.

She also likes to climb and explore, as kittens do. Since she's generally small enough to get lost in my shoe, this is not always a good thing.  She did however discover the TV tray table by the couch and found it to be a wonderful vantage point from which to watch the dogs. Rowan likes it, too.

It's just at nose height.

Thus was invented the game, now and forever known as "Kiss the Kitty".

Equipment needed:
  1. TV tray table
  2. One small Russian Blue/Grey Tabby kitten with aforementioned hutzpah.
  3. One truly goofy 62 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer. 
Rules (there's only one):

Poke the kitty with your nose before she swats you with her tiny and completely useless claws.

Mia was very guarded at first, watching Rowan as he dodged around the table, tried to get to the non-pointy end whenever possible and made monkey noises. (Seriously, he makes this grunting noise that sounds like a monkey.)  She got in several good swats and at least one that connected solidly with his nose. Enough that he backed up and wrinkled his nose. She did eventaully get bored. At which time, Rowan proceeded to push her around the table with his nose.

My description doesn't do it justice. It was truly hilarious to watch.

I will attempt to deliver video.

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skyewriter said...

Cannot wait for the video!