Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weird Wednesday

It's Wednesday again and time for the weekly weirdness. At first I thought this was going to be a tough week, but things started picking up after a little searching.

We begin with what I thought at first was a recycled article but turns out to be someone else trying to smuggle birds in their pants. Sony Dong got caught with birds in his pants at the LA International Airport.  Yes, that's right.  He strapped 18 birds to his legs, wore custom tailored pants and got caught when an inspector noticed bird doo and feathers on his socks.

Next is a Pennsylvania man who went on a very weird crime spree.  He broke into apartments in Lehigh and used spray paint and chocolate syrup to "redecorate", after he burgled them. He got caught with silver spray paint and chocolate syrup on his hands and has been charged with burglary. Though he admits to the burglaries he says someone else did the actual breaking of the breaking and entering. Um, I don't quite see the point of that allegation but what can you expect from someone who uses silver spray paint and chocolate to vandalize apartments?

Speaking of chocolate, scientists in London have unveiled a vehicle that runs on biofuel made from the waste from choclate factories.  The car runs on biofuels made from vegetable oils and chocolate waste.  It's also made partly from plant fibers.  But what I want to know is what does the exhaust smell like?  Chocolate cake?

Three last criminal nitwits to finish the day.  First is a cowboy charged with RUI.  That's right. Riding under the influence. He was ticketed and given a $25 fine for his self described joy ride on his horse. Police weren't sure what to do the horse. After all, you can't really "tow" a horse.

Next are two crimes with "sound" in common. And I use that term loosely.  Two sousaphones were stolen from a Newport News, VA high school.  For those of you who don't know, sousaphones are the largest instruments in the marching band.  Not something you can casually sneak out under your shirt.  Police are baffled.

And last we have two idiots who tried to hide from police in a ladies restroom after stealing a car.  When police checked the restroom the geniuses answered from the stalls in falsetto. Remarkably enough, the police were not fooled.  The two brothers were arrested.

That's all for today. As long as there are stupid people, we'll have fodder for the news of the weird.  But I'd pay to see the car that runs on chocolate.


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Fun stuff. I am jealous of the time you get to spend reading the nesa to find these juicy tid bits.

Mama Dawg said...

I only saw the pic of the car on Yahoo news. It's a race car, not a regular one. But one that runs on chocolate waste (really, who wasts chocolate?) is one I'd like to take a ride in.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I saw one on the local news last night about this guy that walks into a convenience store and tells the clerk to hand over $100, that's it.

The clerk refuses and calls his manager. The manager talks to the guy wanting the $100 and talks him down to $50. The guy agrees and walks out with the $50.

Just freaking unreal!