Sunday, May 10, 2009

Puppy update

We took Aibhne to the vet Saturday for her last round of puppy shots.  She weighs an astonishing 29.1 pounds.

Debate still ranges as to which breeds contribute to her genetic makeup.  We feel fairly certain that there's some Ridgeback and Labrador in her but there may be some others hiding in there.  Her tongue is spotted, her tail curls and has this odd white undercoat on just her tail. There is quite an extensive list of breeds that can have the tongue spots, including both Ridgeback and Labrador.  The number of dog breeds that have both a curly tail and a white undercoat is almost as long.  So, she could be anything.  We're considering getting her DNA tested to find out.

She is STILL not water tight. She has her good days and her bad but now that the weather is getting better, we're planning on leaving all of the dogs outside during the day.  It worked with Myrddin and we have hopes that the boys examples will finally sink in if she's outside all day.

Here's a picture of Youngest and her baby:

She can sit and shake but we really need to start teaching her stay.  She likes to charge out the front door when we get home.  Come to think of it, we might work on "Come" first since that seems to be a problem for her.  If she's busy with something she just ignores you.

Any way, she's doing well and we'll be getting her spayed in a week or two.  She's able to keep up with the boys as they chase birds or squirrels.  And she loves the kiddie pool that we bought them.  She'll come charging across the yard and leap into it.  Friday, she chased her tail while in the pool and it was hilarious to watch.

I hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day.


Gaston Studio said...

She's just gorgeous and I'm sure you'll agree it doesn't matter what her heritage is as long as she's devoted and gives you unconditional love!

Aibhne. Care to share the origin of that name and the correct way to pronounce it?

You have a happy mom's day!

Anonymous said...

She's just adorable! I just want to kiss that face and smell the puppy breath. Yes, I have issues. What can I say, I'm a dog lover.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Happy Mother's Day, True Blue.

True Blue Texan said...

@Jane (and anyone else interested) Aibhne is Irish and is pronounced Ev-ny. Not sure of the meaning.

@Dingo- Doggie kisses are the best. And this pup is quite generous. She'll kiss anyone she can reach. And if you're a dog lover, you've found a kindred spirit.

@Grandpa Eddie- Thank you!

Dr. Jay SW said...

Beautiful dog--and, in these days of bad breeding practices and genetic defects, the more different blood lines are in the mix, the better...

Anonymous said...

The website I found the name on said it had an unknown meaning, but sis liked it anyway. I like it because it's spelled so bizarrely and it goes with Rowan and Myrddin.

Shirl said...

Your new baby is adorable. I am a hopeless dog lover who spoils my two girls terribly. They are 6 and 13 so I envy the puppy stage you're going through. Thanks for sharing.

skyewriter said...

So. want. to. get. puppy. tummy.