Monday, May 11, 2009

Spin Cycle- Prom

Sprite's Keeper has a weekly meme she calls the Spin Cycle.  I haven't participated in a while and I wasn't planning on it this week until I saw Pseudo's spin.  Like Pseudo, I never attended the Prom. So this Cycle seemed one I couldn't participate in. But I like her take on the idea and thought I'd toss in my two cents.

No one asked me to the Prom. I didn't date in high school and the idea of going to the Prom dateless was unappealing.  My daughters however did go.  Eldest, like me, didn't date, but she had a group of friends that went, some with dates and some without.  At the time of her proms, Hubby was still in college and we were pretty broke.  No fancy dresses for her.  But she managed to cobble together something pretty cool and spent what money we could afford on her hair.

This was no small task since her hair was and is long, straight and thick.  It reaches to her waist.  It was a major production to do anything with it.  I wish I could find a picture of it but I fail as a parent.  It took about a 100 pins to put up and looked fairly amazing.

The picture I do have of her is from her Second Chance Prom in 2007 at college.  This is the outfit she wore to her Junior prom, minus the nifty up-do.

(Yes, her hair is purple. The last foot, as in 12 inches, was dyed purple at the time)

Youngest had the uncanny ability of finding dresses for Prom at a reasonable cost. Which, even though Hubby was gainfully employed by then, still helped tremendously.  She went to her Junior prom with her best friend and to her Senior with her then boyfriend.

(She hates this picture by the way. I'm scoring serious points for posting it for all to see. Mother's privilege).

Dress shopping with Youngest and her girlfriends was entertaining.  For this last dress we had 3 girls and myself.  One of these girls wasn't even going to the prom, she was just along for moral support.  
Modern Proms are major productions. Their high school had the event in Austin at a hotel every year. Not only did they have the ballroom but they also had smaller rooms.  One of these proms, don't remember which one, had a Poker room.  As in they played Texas Hold-Em without the money.  (What's the point?)  Eldest's Junior prom cost an outrageous $10,000 to put on.  It was crazy.  
I can't say I missed going to Prom, even after watching my girls get dressed up and staying out late.  For each of them it was their first time to be allowed to stay out essentially all night.  (They both went to after parties sponsored by the DARE program and got "locked in"). 
No funny stories to share just some pictures.  Go check out Sprite's Keeper to see the other Spins.


Aliceson said...

I never went to prom either, wasn't my thing but now that I have two girls I'm sure we'll go through our share of dress shopping fun over the years. Does this mean I should start saving now?

The long hair! I used to have long hair as a child but haven't worn it (exceptionally) long for several years. I love that she dyed the bottom foot ot it purple. ;)

Gaston Studio said...

Thoughtful spin. By the time my oldest daughter was having her first prom, I was a single mom and overly delighted when she told me she wanted me to make her dress. Can you imagine the money that saved me? And guess what, it turned out really well. My first prom dress and hers!

Sprite's Keeper said...

The blue dress is gorgeous! Why does she not like that picture? She looks great! I've always felt that if you don't regret not doing something then you can't miss it, so if you didn't go to prom, you definitely didn't miss anything/ Great pictures and great Spin! Don't forget, Stiletto Mom and Blissfully Caffeinated are hosting a round up for prom pictures! You're linked!

Funnyrunner said...

Hi- visiting from Feet off the Table... I was one of your fellow "lovely" award winners and I had to see your dogs! :) Very cute, all three!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Fellow spinner here. I love that red dress. I wish my prom dress had been anywhere near affordable. My mom still brings it up once in a while just to bust my chops!