Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

It's Wednesday and time for our weekly weirdness exploration.  We have a variety this week- animals,  people- both stupid and not so- and quasi religious artifacts. With pictures!

We start with the stupid cause they're always good for a laugh.  A juror in Hillsboro, Oregon did what I'm sure many others have thought of doing.  He left the courthouse at lunch and didn't come back. When officers confronted him at his home he said he was bored and "just couldn't take it" any more. He's headed back to court, but not as a juror. 

A man in Ohio called 911 because his grown son wouldn't clean his room. This 28-year-old son, who's also a school board member in Bedford, lives in his parent's basement.  The dad declined to press charges after the arguement because he didn't want to ruin his son's political career.  Uh, news flash.  When folks find out he's a loser that lives in your basement and threw a dish at you when you yelled at him for not cleaning his room, he won't have much of a political career. One hopes.

Let us move on to the not so stupid.  Firefighters in Washington, DC rescued four baby ducks from a storm drain after one them noticed the Mama duck screaming at a storm drain.  They opened it and found the four swimming six feet down.  Mama and babies were taken to animal control who sent them to a rehabilitation center.  No one is sure why the family nested in an area without water.

In Australia, a doctor used a household drill to save a life.  Nicholas Rossi fell off his bike and suffered a head injury.  Dr Rob Carson realized that the boy had internal bleeding similar to that which killed actress Natasha Richardson last month.  His small district hospital had no neurological drills so he borrowed one from maintenance, called a Melbourne neurosurgeon and started drilling.  He safely removed the blood clot.

Next we have a couple who claims to have found Cheesus. Dan and Sara Bell of Dallas found a Cheeto shaped as a praying Jesus.  They plan on auctioning it off on eBay.  But if it pulls in a low bid, they'll just eat it.

No such nonchalance at Mercy Medical Center in Boston.  Here hospital administrators had to remove a window that belivers felt held a vision of the Virgin Mary

The image was formed after rubber seals broke on the double pane window and allowed  mineral deposits to form.  Amazingly enough, the hospital "officials say that doesn't explain why the deposits resemble the Virgin Mary." Um, guys?  This kind of thing is supposed to be unexplainable.  Thus the appeal. Dweebs.

And last I leave you with proof that geese are, well, weird.  Brian MacFarlane caught this photo of a grey goose flying in a wind storm.  Experts call this behavior whiffling.  It's where the bird twists and turns to spill air from its wings to slow its descent prior to landing.  Whatever its called, its an amazing picture.

That's it for today.  See ya'll next week.


Gaston Studio said...

All interesting finds but that goose is amazing!

Sidhe said...

Great weirdness but I have to agree, the goose is just amazing! Wow!