Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weird Wednesday

I'm having trouble coming up with writing topics so this will the first, and perhaps the last, installment of Weird Wednesday, a collection of weird, odd and humorous news from around the world.

A new law in Nigeria requiring motorcycle taxi drivers and their passengers to wear helmets is resulting in some odd helment designs.  Drivers are complainging that the helmets are too expensive and their rides are claiming to be afraid of catching either a disease or a curse. To get around the law, motorcyle riders are resorting to dried calabash shells, piece of tire or even pots and pans tied on their heads.  Some construction workers have setup a lucrative business of renting their hard hats for 500 naira a day.  That's $3.60. When the per capita income for the country is  $930 that's not small potatoes. 

I've heard of divorcing spouses fighting over pets and cars and houses and various and sundry personal items but this is something altogether new.  A New York doctor wants his estranged wife to either pay him $1.5 million dollars or return the kidney he gave her in 2001.  Ah, the price of love. er hate.

In Edmonton, Alberta a man was acquitted of murder.  Sounds normal so far, but wait.  He was accused of killing a young man by stabbing him 39 times.  His defense?  It was self-defense.  Generally, when someone stabs someone else 39 times it's pretty damn hard to prove self-defense.  Well, apparently in Edmonton, it's okay to keep stabbing the victim when they don't have the decency to hurry up and die.  Especially when, and I quote, "He wouldn't bleed properly the way he should've bled, according to the movies."   Fearing for your life is certainly an adequate defense but claiming you had to keep stabbing him cause he wasn't bleeding like the movies is going just a bit too far.

File this one under people are strange.  Otherwise known as what will they invent next.  Seems this guy in China has created a device called the Fart Silencer.  When you feel a fart coming you stick this tube up your butt and voila!
Now maybe it's just me but if you have to drop your drawers to stick this up your ass isn't that worse than whatever offense might be had from farting?   Seriously?  There's even a video but apparently he "demonstrates" his device by inserting it in his mouth.

The "Blow-up Sex Bandit" strikes again.  Someone is breaking into adult shops in Australia, blowing up the dolls, "using them" and then dumping them in an alley.  It's just a matter of time before he's caught since he's not using a condom or gloves.(Seriously, let's hope they catch him before he moves on to the living).

And for now todays' winner:

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher has decided to head to Israel and become a real joornalist. He's will spend 10 days reporting for  First he's a plumber (not) and then he's a country singer (not), and then he's a writer (not) and now he's a war correspondent.  Can't this guy decide how spend his 15 minutes already?  Sheesh.

Let me know what you think and this might just become a regular occurrence.


Sidhe said...

Oh No!

Talk about a guy that just won't die like he's supposed to!

Days without Joe: reset to 0

skyewriter said...

The Fart Silencer: sounds like something a gassy mobster might use.

We need one of those in our house. :)

Wild Child said...

I don't know, maybe this should become a regular thing, or at least every other week. I was throughly entertained, in addition, the comments it brought were also entertaining.

Here's to the crazy and wacky!

Anonymous said...

It was super funny!! i really liked your commentary! having just got back from Taiwan i think I saw some of those fart silencers over there, but I was afraid to ask what they were!! Thanks!