Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RTT- Happy New Year?

Mine needs to get better. PDQ!

Tis Tuesday and you should know what I mean by now. But, if you don't, head on over to Keely's and grab the fugly button.

Let me start with the mini-rant that is one part Blogger-complaining and one part craptastic Dell laptop-complaining. So it took like five tries to get the link above to work correctly without adding the 5 words after it to the link. I only added the one and did what I thought I needed to be able to continue typing without having to take extreme measures - which meant a carriage return, typing a word, moving the cursor and backspacing. Which is where the rant about the Dell part comes into play. This is Hubby's work laptop and he curses the damn thing every day. Away from his desk, minus a mouse and reliable internet, the thing is a beast...moving the cursor sucks, the keyboard is, well, a laptop keyboard. OK! I'm spoiled dammit. I know it.

Moving on.

It is amazingly difficult to type with an IV cannula in your left arm. Especially one that has been taped down within an inch of it's life. This sucka is NOT moving. As the above statements imply, I am in the hospital. I checked in around noon on New Year's Day. As I approach Day 5 here in lovely Scott & White, on my third IV, and with no end in sight, I cannot truthfully say it's been a great New Year yet.

I have Cellulitis. (I'd show you pictures, but the ones on Google image are just really horrific. If you're brave, you can go look for yourself, but I wouldn't advise it if you have a weak stomach.) This is same lovely diagnosis that I had almost four years ago minus and this is the important part) the co-diagnosis of Sepsis. So, while uncomfortable, ugly looking, generally unpleasant. I will survive.

As long as I don't go nuts from the combination of boredom and sleep deprivation.

On a lighter note, and Lord knows I need one, here is jewel from Jon Stewart:

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Barack Obama Is Luke Skywalker
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No, Jon. I don't think you're going to loose audience share. I saw your fans at the Rally.

Needless to say, I will be out of pocket for a while. I can get emails and check Facebook and Twitter from my phone, plus I have the usual basic cable extravaganza, so I am not completely cut off from the world. Still, I'm well enough to be bored to tears yet sick enough that I have to stay. Such is my life.

Good news is that Eldest brought over my new Stephen King book that I hadn't gotten a chance to read, so all is not lost.

Later folks.


Aliceson said...

Boy, this New Year isn't going so well. A friend of mine broke her kneecap on New Year's Eve, you're in the hospital and a whole bunch of republicans take office this week. Perhaps there should be some sort of New Year redo in another month or two...

Ooh, that hospital tape is some awful shit, but as long as it prevents you from having to get another IV placed, it's a good thing.

Get better soon!

LeftLeaningLady said...

I hope you feel better soon! I have not been in the hospital in a very long time (knock on wood) but I still have nightmares from the experience.

At least you have Stephen King!

Wild Child said...

Blah! but it sounds like it could happen at the tiniest prick of a finger. Ugh, hope you get some good reading in.

Ahab said...

Curiosity drove me to look up cellulitis online, and the images were horrifying. They look painful!

I'm sorry to hear that you have a cellulitis infection, and I wish you a quick recovery.

Chris said...

OH no!!! Please feel better!!

Chris said...

OH no!!! Please feel better!!