Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Other people just say it best.

John Cory is one of those people. Go read his post on Reader Supported News.  Then sign the petition. I'll wait.

Back? Is that not simply the most direct and eloquent description of what's wrong with politics as usual? Democrats need to wake up or come November they won't have to worry about a super-majority or reconciliation because they truly won't have enough votes to elect Al Gore as dogcatcher.

Here in my little corner of Texas, I have no choice. The Williamson County Democratic party couldn't manage to get someone on the ballot to run against John Carter. So, it's two more years of his special breed of insanity. For the presidential election, we had a line out to the street for Democrats waiting to have the precinct convention. This year, no one showed up except myself and my husband. Not even the precinct chairman. In 2008, the Republicans had about 5 people show up. They were in and out before we even got in. Same 5 people showed up this year. They were in and out before we finally gave up waiting. The nascent Democratic base in Texas is facing an uphill battle of major proportions. In no small part because our party leadership is lacking. Sound familiar?

Do they even deserve our support? The only thing that keeps me from checking out on all things political is the thought of a return to Republican disrule.

Hope is an ever diminishing quality.

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Chris said...

Well, since you commented on my post where I was whining and whining about the same thing, you already know how I feel about it!!!!!!! Only time will tell. I agree, what's it going to take to get us riled up again? But I'd hate to think the only time Dems get anything done, is when we have a fight on our hands!! UGH!!!!!!!