Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Week in Crazy III

This week, it seems almost wrong to be talking about the crazy when we keep seeing headlines about gay youth committing suicide. Call your Senator about the Safe Schools Improvement Act. Talk to the people who say that bullying is just a part of growing up and let them know the statistics. We must act. We must stand up and be heard telling those who bully and those who allow the bullying to happen in their schools that this behavior is not just unacceptable, it is criminal.
There's been the usual political craziness this week - from Carl Paladino, Republican candidate for Governor of New York,  recorded telling a reporter that "he will take him out" for daring to ask questions about Paladino's 10-year-old daughter to a Tea Party coloring book that teaches children the dangers of high tax rates to the revelation that Christine O'Donnell's pro-abstinence nonprofit SALT (Savior's Alliance for Lifting the Truth) is on a IRS list of deadbeat orgs.  Fun times.

Our third place finalist this week is the ongoing saga of one Andrew Shrivell, one time assistant Attorney General for the great state of Michigan. Apparently, Shrivell has an ongoing feud with one Chris Armstrong, college student and gay activist. Shrivell has a blog dedicated to documenting all the "evil" things that Armstrong has done and even made CNN with his anti-gay stalking. The AG of Michigan refuses to fire Shrivell, saying "civil service rules that protect government employees from being "fired willy-nilly" for exercising their rights of free speech" protect Shrivell despite the fact that he admits this behavior is immature. Shrivell has taken a leave of absence.

What next? Well, James O'Keefe is back in the news. Remember Jimmy? He's the idiot who dressed up in a bad Halloween costume and videotaped ACORN. Well, he's back at his hi-jinks again. THIS time he decided to "punk" a CNN reporter. I won't go into all the details, but suffice it to say, this boy has well and truly lost touch with reality if he thinks that he can seduce a reporter, surreptitiously videotape said "seduction" and use it to spoof the network. Fortunately, one of his own warned the reporter off so didn't have to sit through the whole ridiculous escapade.

After these two, you may be thinking, who could possibly be worse? Well, sad to say, there is someone. Someone who is more than just crazy, they're evil.

If you're not aware, Dan Savage has started a channel on YouTube called the It Gets Better project. (Note: THIS is NOT the crazy. Go watch the videos. Share them with any LGBT youth you know.) This week's winner in crazy (also evil) comes in the form of the Lot Project.  They used a video response to Dan Savage's project as their inaugural video on their new YouTube channel. I will not be posting this video. If you feel the need, go look it up yourself on YouTube. But be warned. It's vile. The name really says it all: "It Gets Worse". In it, an unnamed man decries the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality and uses the suicide of Billy Lucas as a "practical example" of what will happen to those who practice the "homosexual lifestyle" claiming that Billy will be suffering for eternity for the sin of homosexuality that not even his death can "atone for". He calls churches that are open and affirming apostate and not real churches. He claims you cannot live as a homosexual Christian because the terms are mutually exclusive. He further claims that there is no legitimate debate (thus he closed comments) concerning homosexuality and "God's truth".

This man, and people like him, they cloak themselves in Christianity. They are not Christians. They are hateful, fear-filled sub-humans who only want to destroy those they do not understand. They use the Bible as a bludgeon to support their extremist views.

They must not be allowed to succeed.


Vagabonde said...

School bullies are terrible, but what about their parents? Where did they learn to be homophobic? I think this country has a big problem, or two – racism, bigotry and it is the most religious country in the western world? Should it not be better ? or maybe it is because of it?

Ahab said...

"It Gets Worse" sounds very unsettling. How anyone could offer condemnation to LGBT youth instead of compassion is beyond me.

O'Keefe was always a egotistical prankster, and I was wondering when one of his pranks would backfire.