Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RTT - bloggers, rallies and crazy-out-of-control dogs

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Working on a blogger meet-up in DC. If you're going to be there and are vaguely interested in meeting me, I will be at the refreshment stand across the street from the National Air and Space Museum at 9AM Saturday October 30. Come one, come all. The more the merrier.

And can I just say that we are getting EXCITED. 10 days and counting.

We're researching special training for Aibhne. We took her to the dog park this weekend and it was a fiasco. She did a houdini and partially escaped her harness on exit of the car. Hubs tackled her and tried to get her back into said harness but the damn things always fight him and she managed to escape completely. She did jump back into the car when we opened the hatchback, so she wasn't a total loss. After he sat with her and told her what a bad dog she was while Youngest and I took the boys into the park, he eventually decided to try bringing her in. At which point, she made an idiot of herself growling and lunging at any and every dog who got close. So, she is officially banned from the park until we and she get some training on how to handle her aggression, bad leash manners and overall hardheadedness.

It's going to cost a bundle. She's too out of control to take a general obedience class and will need private lessons. As in, we're going to spend more to train us and the dog than we spent to enroll our kiddos in any two classes/activities as kids.

And Myrddin  escaped from the yard. Again. Bastard.

Trying to figure out what to do in Virginia on Sunday while we wait for the plane. We have to check out of the Wydham in Williamsburg at 10AM and our plane doesn't leave Norfolk until 6PM. That's quite a bit of free time and yet oddly, not enough. We'll probably end up in Colonial Williamsburg for part of it. (which is the reason for not enough time) Any ideas?

And what to do after the rally? I'm leaning towards doing the tourist thing and wandering around the Smithsonian and visiting the Lincoln and Vietnam memorials. Hubs and I have never been to DC so any suggestions would be welcome. In particular, anyone know of a good restaurant?

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Wild Child said...

My cousin is going to the rally! I sadly, will not make it, but be sane for me!

Colonial Williamsburg at this time of year might be enough time, there may not be as many buildings open, but maybe a restaurant and a shop. So it might work out.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Planning to do the memorials. My understanding is any of the museums are 3 hour tours. :-)

But there is an after party. The link is on Facebook and can be found from the Rally FB page. It is in a Pub that looks about 200 years old and is being called the "Insanity after the Sanity Rally"

We got really luck and will be staying on until late Tuesday afternoon.

Ahab said...

As for a good restaurant, the canteen at the National Museum of the American Indian has outstanding food. Also, there's a riverfront buffet restaurant called Phillips with all kinds of delicious cuisine.