Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Week in Crazy VI

The crazy was in full abundance this week. So much so that it was really hard to decide the winner. At different points during the week, I thought I had it and then the next day...

Some of them were just silly. Like the Vatican deciding that Homer Simpson is Catholic. SeriouslyL’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s paper of record, has declared “Homer and Bart are Catholics".  They actually claim that the Simpson's is one of the few TV shows for children that has faith and religion as recurring themes. Their first mistake is in thinking the Simpson's is for children. The second is to think that the creators are in any way endorsing Catholicism. Must be a language thing.

The next funny was discovering that a Georgia state legislator who ran a campaign against teaching sexual health and such at the University level apparently owns a company that sells...wait for toys. Rep. Calvin Hill says that his company sells a lot of items and these must just have slipped by the censor, so to speak.

And the winner in the so crazy it's funny sub-category would have to be from  Unresonable Faith, who posted two lovely videos by a husband and wife team of Christian "musicians", and I use the term loosely.  I warn you in advance. You might want to have something to soothe your eyes and ears on hand. Maybe that video of Ozzy Osbourne eating the head of a live chicken. That might just be enough to counteract the images.

As commentor "Mike" said on Unresonable Faith,
“Things this bad have to be shared”
No, Vorjack, they do not. Things THIS bad should be encased in steel-reinforced concrete and tipped overboard directly above the Mariana trench.


Now to the real crazy. This week's third place winner comes from Texas, I'm sad to say, where the Republican candidate for Congress in the 30th District, said this:
"We have a constitutional remedy here and the Framers says if that don't work, revolution."
"If the government is not producing the results or has become destructive to the ends of our liberties, we have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary," he continued.
Stephen Broden believes our nation was "founded on violence" so "the option is on the table."

The second place winner seems ready to work off that idea. Private security guards for Senate candidate Joe Miller (R-Alaska), "arrested"  blogger Tony Hopfinger. They claimed that Hopfinger was trespassing. When the real police got there, they promptly told the security guards to release Hopfinger and return his equipment. While they had Hopfiner handcuffed and detained, security guards attempted to block other reporters from speaking with Hopfinger and erased the portion of his video camera tape that showed the "arrest".   Rather than answer this blogger's questions about why Miller was disciplined in a previous job, his goons surrounded him and then detained him for tresspassing on public property. Miller is following in the footsteps of several Tea party candidates and refusing to talk to the media about character or personal history. Seems this question fell into that category and rather than issue a no comment, Miller had his goons "arrest" and then his campaign smear the blogger, calling him irrational. Well, someone was certainly irrational.

This week's winner is disturbing on many levels, at least to me. Latinos for Reform, who created the ad,  is a republican polticial action committee that shares a PO Box in Alexandria, VA with several other PACs. The treasurer for several PACs, including Latinos for Reform,  is Susan Arceneaux,  a long time aide to Dick Armey and employee of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Remember them?

So this ad, which Latinos for Reform attempted to pay Univision $80,000 to air in Nevada, calls on Latino voters to NOT vote in November to send a message.

Univision has since returned the money and refused the ad. Robert de Posoda, "head" of the PAC,  is maintaining that “Before the edit the tag line was ‘Don’t vote for those who betrayed you.’ After the edit the line was cut to ‘Don’t vote.’” Which is utter bullshit. The video is slick, with fairly high production values. To think that this tagline was inadvertently cut and no one caught it is laughable.  What this is, is a blatant attempt by Republicans to keep Latinos away from the polls and benefit crazy Sharron Angle (who almost got her own mention here today for telling the Hispanic Student Union that she thought some of them looked Asian in a lame attempt to defend a race-baiting ad).

I've heard this theory before. That we must send a message to the Democrats by staying home instead of voting and punish them for not passing our legislation. What comes from Democratic activitists, be they LGBT or Latino, staying home?

Republicans win. And as we see above, that is not a great idea and only one that ends up punishing us, rather than the Dems.


Wild Child said...

OMG! how can these people be so insane. From the sex toys to the crazy early 80s music produced in 2010, to the Don't Vote (and sharing a PO Box, damn that Supreme Court and the belief that corporations qualify as citizens and should be accorded rights to free speech). I'm actually a bit frightened for what will happen this next election cycle. What really just bothers me is that both sides move further and further from each other and we don't hear the middle voice of reason anymore. Can't we all just get along?

Suzan said...

And they have no idea that they are crazy.

So it goes.

Be sure to vote early and often.

Thanks, sweetie!


Nance said...

I voted early and with great gusto! Now, I'm trying to keep the faith and enjoy the side show. Thanks for the Freak Revue!

Aliceson said...

The Sarah Palin video was too much! Catchy, yet completely out there.