Thursday, October 21, 2010

The DADT Merry-Go-Round

Yesterday, Dan Choi reenlisted in the Army at the Times Square recruiting station. They obviously recognized him because it took 14 minutes for them to answer the door to his knocking.

Last night, the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals issued an emergency stay requested by the Department of Justice.  The DoJ and Obama claim that they must appeal the decision by U.S. district judge Virginia A. Phillips that DADT is unconstitutional.

They must.

Bollocks. It's past time that Obama concedes that he will not be able to repeal this legislatively. I don't know what dream world he's living in if he thinks he's going to be able to do this come November 3 when the best guess says that the Dems are going to lose the House. If he couldn't get it done with a supermajority, he won't be able to do it when the Repubs take over.

More than how this ban is lifted is why it should be. We coddle the homophobes and old guard when we let them argue about  unit cohesion, team identity and interdependences and all the other myriad reasons they give which really all come down to one thing.


Once again, it's Dan Choi that says it best.

Dan Choi is a hero. A man who desperately wants to serve his country and represents the best of what the military is all about. Why anyone would think that he's a threat to the continued functioning of the US military is beyond me.

Give 'em hell, Lt. Dan.


fwb2355 said...

The problem is that, since it is a law, it cannot be repealed by fiat.

It will remain the law until it is repealed legislatively.


From Pine View Farm

Ahab said...

"We coddle the homophobes and old guard when we let them argue about unit cohesion, team identity and interdependences ..."

Speaking of coddling, I'm wondering if Obama's decision was about appeasing conservatives. Whether or not it was, shame on him.