Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RTT - This is My Life

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While driving to UT campus to pick up Youngest last night (she needed to go to the grocery store and has no car) I mistakenly ended up on the upper deck of I-35. Which at 6PM was a parking lot. I squeezed into traffic between a mail truck and one those big yellow EMS trucks. You know, the kind that's really huge and on a big ass chassis. Any way, EMT boy let me in. Mail man said screw you and wouldn't let anyone in. This lead to about half a dozen cars between me and the ambulance. So we're driving. Slowly. Almost made it up to 20 once. Then we stopped again. In fact, I texted that fact to Youngest to let her know I was running late. Then I look back and the ambulance has on his lights. It's like the parting of the red sea behind me as cars pull over onto the shoulder for him. I follow suit and look back again. And he's turned his lights off. Must have gotten bored in traffic.

Finally made it off the interstate and headed towards campus. As I turned on Rio Grande to cut over to 24th, I passed an Austin police car with his lights on. He must have just finished writing up a ticket because he turned off his lights after I passed and pulled into the street. When we got to a stop sign, I look over and in the back seat of the patrol car is a traffic cone. My first thought is, he's arrested a safety cone. What the hell? Texted that too.

So we finally make it to the grocery store. This is what Youngest bought:

  • shampoo and conditioner
  • excedrin
  • 6 cans of generic tuna
  • 2 family size boxes of Easy Mac
  • 14 Hormel Compleats 
  • 2 large bags of HEB shredded cheese
  • 2 bags of Babybel cheese
  • 1 box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme pies
  • 1 box of Little Debbie Star Crunch
  • 1 box of Mrs Baird's apple pies
  • 1 bag of Mrs Baird's chocolate covered mini donuts
  • 1 pint of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream
  • 1 quart of HEB German Chocolate Cake ice cream
  • 1 large economy sized bag of frozen tortellini
  • hot dog buns
Is that not just the perfect example of a college student's grocery list you've ever seen? The only thing that was missing was the Dr. Pepper, which she said she already had.

Saturday, Hubby and I tried to take the dogs for a walk. It was an unmitigated disaster. Aibhne drug him out the door and I followed with Myrddin and Rowan on the splitter. The boys were pulling so hard I was having a hard time trying to reach the door to close it. While I'm fighting them, I hear my husband yell, at the top of his lungs, "GODDAMN IT AIBHNE GET BACK HERE!"

Yep, she'd slipped out of her HARNESS and was merrily charging down the street, after, it turned out, a chihuahua. (The little old lady walking the chihuahua was not amused). Rowan, not to be out done and perhaps maddened by the whining coming from Myrddin next to him, whipped his head around and pulled out of his collar and took off after them. I drug Myrddin back inside and yelled at Rowan, who came to his senses rather quickly and slunk back down the sidewalk. While I'm fighting with the boys, I distinctly hear laughter wafting from across the street, punctuated by my husband's yelling. He finally comes puffing up the sidewalk, fat black beast in his arms. Needless to say, no dogs got to go on the walk.

I noticed a few days later that Aibhne had a scrape on her chin. Apparently Hubby forgot to mention that when she decided she really, really wanted to make "friends" with the chihuahua, she missed. It dodged and she face-planted into the pavement. Serves her right.

Almost forgot. When we got home yesterday, there was an opened jar of Nutella on the living room floor. It had not been open when I left that morning, nor on the floor. A dog (Myrddin is my best guess.) got it off the kitchen table where I had stupidly left it out, worried off the SCREW ON lid and went to town. No telling how much he ate but he and Aibhne were looking for it when they came back from their potty break. 

While yesterday was entertaining, in its own way, this morning was not. On the way to the airport to drop Hubby off on a business trip we hear that there's a shooter at UT. Called Youngest. She was on her way to her 9:30 class but not on campus yet. Told her to go home. Latest news out of campus is that the shooter is dead by his own hand without further loss of life but that the university is locked down while APD, UTPD and the SWAT team are looking for a second suspect. No classes for the day.

But you know, it's vitally important that any Tom, Dick and Harry be able to buy an assault rifle. They make for great squirrel hunting, dontcha know. /sarcasm

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LeftLeaningLady said...

But let's not the children READ! Maybe if we stuck them with more books and less guns the world would be a tiny bit more sane.