Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RTT - It's Tuesday so it must be Belgium

Not really. I'm still stuck here in Austin. It's still hot. As in, though it is a balmy frigid barely tolerable 71 at my desk, it is a sweltering 90 degrees with 59% humidity outside. It's the middle of September, can it please start cooling off? Jeez.

Oh, if you haven't already, head over to The Unmom and join the random fun. Here's the obligatory button:

Now that that's over with...we had another expensive weekend. Good news is that Eldest and her crew of mad shoppers are not scheduled to return for some time. Thus my bank account and waistline can recover. Not that it was entirely her fault. We would have gone to Can'tstoptheSerenity without her but still. (In case you didn't catch the reference this little movie fest/charity event is all about Serenity, Firefly and all things Joss Whedon) This year, Ron Glass was in attendance. Which was cool. Also this year, they auctioned off Quantum Mechanix newest maquettes - River Tam and Hoban "Wash" Washburne. Guess who won the Wash maquette?

I DID!!!!

It only cost me $200. (Crazy you say? Nuts to you, I say) It's not even in production yet, so it may be a while before I get it, but the best part is that they're going to send it to Alan Tudyk to sign. So there. Yes, I have cemented my fandom, upped my geek cred, and emptied the bank account all in one fell swoop. But, I tell you. It was worth it.

Youngest got her own , Little Damn Hero. But hers ain't signed.

Oh, and I found Hubby's Christmas gift. He went as Malcolm Reynolds and needed a better coat. (Ok, look, I hear you out there giggling. I've never tried to deny that we aren't geeks. And in his defense, the other guy who went as Malcolm Reynolds had the Austin PD pull him out of the theater. Apparently, his replica/toy gun was a mite too real.) It's a suede and leather long coat that is an official replica. Won't be buying it this month, but it will be under the tree.

Any way, enough Firefly.

Have I told you that Aibhne, the black beast from hell, as taken to randomly sitting up on her big fat butt in the morning just to hear us go Awww? ( It's a survival mechanism. If she weren't cute, she'd be dead.) I'll have to get a picture of it. It is fairly adorable. I just find it amusing that she does it just to get our attention and further pettins.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the comment on my 500th post. Comments were great and supportive. You guys rock.

Go join the fun at the Unmom. I'm off to make Keely happy by commenting on five blogs.


LeftLeaningLady said...

Not a Geek myself, but I gave birth to one. He happily proclaims his geekness, I enjoy the discussions about Zombie Apocolypses (is that a word?) and fun times are had by all!

Sounds like you had a great weekend, although I am with you on the heat thing. Below 80 in the mornings yesterday & today, but 95 by lunch. I just want a fews weeks (like 10!) of 60s @ night and 80ish in the day time.

I am not holding my breath though!

Anonymous said...

you and your family sound adorable :)

i stopped by from RTT

Wild Child said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous. Husband's Halloween costume was Mal Reynolds. A very bad version, but it was okay by us. I just displayed my (our) geekiness in my RTT. Must be geek week.

Still so jealous. that would be a fundraiser I would blow my money on. Congrats!

Keely said...

SO. JEALOUS. You'll touch something that Alan Tudyk touched! Squeee!

(I almost never get all fangirl, but - Alan Tudyk! WASH!)

I had the replica Browncoat on my Christmas list last year, but no deal. Maybe this year. I bought hubby a Jayne hat one year, it's ridorkulous and he loves it.

*deep sigh of geeky satisfaction*