Saturday, May 8, 2010

OMG. GOP. WTF. Minnesota edition

Looks like this is going to be a regular installment and apparently there will be plenty of OMG moments concerning the GOP.  Today's entry comes from Minnesota, the state that managed to send both Al Fraken and Michele Bachmann to Washington.

Current Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is going to run for President in 2012 and the state Republican party has endorsed this fellow:

While it's not 100% that State Rep. Tom Emmer will be on the ballot come November, the chances are high since he has his state party machine's endorsement.

How, you ask, can he be worse than Pawlenty? Remember, Gov. Pawlenty has led Minnesota to join the multi-state lawsuit against HRC, raised funds for Bachmann's campaign, declined funds from the stimulus package in public eye but accepted them anyway. Pawlenty has tried hard to build his conservative credentials has he prepares to run for President but he's really fairly mild compared to Emmer.

Emmer has proposed "a state constitutional amendment that would allow federal laws to operate in Minnesota only if they were consented to by super-majorities of the state legislature." He approves of the Arizona immigration law and wants to dismantle the welfare system.

And he's for all intents and purposes the Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota.  So Minnesota republicans have endorsed a Tenther. One of those Republican whack jobs that think the tenth amendment means the states can disregard anything the Feds come up with that they dislike. We tried that once in this country. It was called the Articles of Confederation, prior to the establishment of the Constitution, and is was an abysmal failure.

H/T to jobsanger and TPM.

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